Lesson learned: How the dental assistants at the heart of the Tulsa oral surgeon fiasco affect you and your career

Dental assistants around the country need to pay attention to what is happening in Tulsa, Okla., where Dr. Scott Harrington allowed his assistants to perform illegal procedures, among numerous other violations. Tija Hunter, CDA, offers a dental assistant's viewpoint.
Leading off
Dental assistants, there is a storm on the horizon. It's about time.
In today’s information-filled world, there’s no excuse for not knowing what you can and can’t do as a dental assistant. DAD editor Kevin Henry often visits the Dental Assisting National Board’s website to see what dental assistants can do in a certain state. So should you. Click to continue
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Exclusive interview with Susan Rogers of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry on Dr. Scott Harrington
Susan Rogers, who is the executive director of the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, spoke with Kevin Henry of DentistryIQ.com about the horrific situation involving Tulsa oral surgeon Dr. Scott Harrington. Click to continue
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In the wake of Dr. Harrington's office, DANB addresses delegating duties to dental assistants
Dental offices across the U.S. will likely see an increase in questions regarding delegation of dental assisting duties, including infection control requirements. DANB is the only national certification board for dental assistants recognized by the ADA. Click to continue
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Show what you know: Tips for dental assistants to demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to patient protection
Over the last few weeks, there has been an onslaught of headlines about the oral surgeon in Oklahoma who was charged with numerous infection control violations and delegating prohibited duties to his dental assistants. The Dental Assisting National Board says now is a good time to revisit your patient interactions and take extra measures to reassure patients of your knowledge and professionalism. Click to continue
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The ADAA addresses the dental tragedies in Oklahoma and Colorado
The root of the health-care upheavals in Oklahoma and Colorado seems to be lack of adherence to known standards, or lack of knowledge concerning these standards, or both. In any dental practice, recommendations are set by the Centers for Disease Control and state regulations. Click to continue
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Are you and your team up-to-date on infection control CE?
For all your infection control continuing education needs, visit INeedCE.com. Courses include "Breaking the Chain of Infection: Practical and Effective Infection Control," and "Circling In On Infection Prevention." Click to continue
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Clinical knowledge
Reassure patients about the safety of dental procedures after Tulsa incident
Mary Govoni reminds readers that the media hype surrounding this incident has great potential to cause patients to avoid going to their dentist in Oklahoma as well as other areas around the country, just as it did in the early 1990s with the cases of HIV transmission from a dentist in Florida. Click to continue
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Reassure patients of your safety procedures
In cases where disasters strike, it is vital to have your plan of action in place. Facing those disasters head-on can be the difference between patients continuing care, having a great understanding of the process of infection control, or developing a phobia and not being able to enter the dental environment. Click to continue
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How to talk to your patients about the connection between HPV and oral cancer
According to the CDC, genital human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection. There are more than 40 types of HPV that can infect the genital areas of males and females. Click to continue
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For the front desk/office manager
Over-the-counter collection isn’t something that just magically happens at the front desk
Everything revolves around collections. You can have an amazing month with production numbers exceeding your goals, but if it is sitting on your Accounts Receivable Report, it isn’t doing you much good. Click to continue
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Coach's Corner for Dental Coding: When to use primary and secondary insurance
Which insurance is primary and which is secondary, especially when children are involved? Teresa Duncan explains some rules applying to insurance coverage, including the birthday rule. Click to continue
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Dental office manager profile: Bridget Fay, Richard L. Byrd, DDS, P.C. & Associates
Bridget says, "Being an office manager is the most dynamic job I’ve ever had. It requires being several different people all at the same time. In one moment I’m a coach to an employee, then I turn around and I’m addressing a concerned parent or patient." Click to continue
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