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Well, it’s been over a month and I still can’t seem to hire a receptionist. Our last one gave a month’s notice (and left on amicable terms) and three rounds of Craigslist postings have yet to yield a great candidate. It’s amazing how all the other team members become fatigued and stressed when one role goes unfilled for an extended period of time.

My new strategy is to hire someone with minimal or no dental experience and base the decision solely on personality. That’s what all the experts say, but I think it makes sense to look for someone with a great personality AND dental experience. Hopefully by the next Expert Tips and Tricks we'll have a new member of our family…

Cheers, Chris Salierno, DDS

Expert Tips

PRACTICE: Selling your practice to a Dental Service Organization, Part 2: Successfully navigating the negotiations

$subtitles.get($x) Thinking about selling your practice to a Dental Service Organization? Unfortunately there's no crystal ball to help dentists determine a good DSO from a poor one. Dentists should do their own due diligence when dealing with a DSO.

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