How to use an implant verification jig to ensure accurate framework every time
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5 seconds of implant safety that can save 5 years of litigation

Although dental implants enjoy a high survival rate, complications can occur. Those complications that happen due to provider negligence (iatrogenic implant complications) can be the worst kind. They are often preventable and likely to wind up as malpractice cases if they are truly egregious.

On occasion, a patient may digest or aspirate an implant component, requiring a trip to the hospital for radiographs to locate the missing implant part. But if you can take just five extra seconds of diligence to promote implant safety in your practice, there's an easy-to-use device that can prevent five years of agonizing litigation should the unexpected occur.

Scott Froum, DDS, Editorial Director

Exclusive from Perio-Implant Advisory

How to use a dental implant verification jig to ensure an accurate final framework every time

$subtitles.get($x) So, your screw-retained restoration framework fits on the model, but how can you make sure it fits in your patient's mouth too? Steven Pigliacelli, MDT, CDT, breaks it down into easy steps, beginning with a good impression and following up with how to use a dental implant verification jig to guarantee an accurate final frame every time.

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Cracked teeth: A more serious problem in 2018 than 1964

$subtitles.get($x) Problems related to cracked teeth are the third leading cause of tooth loss after caries and periodontal disease. Yet to this day, the management of cracked teeth has not received the attention it deserves—neither in dental schools nor continuing education.

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