Perio therapy: How to save your sanity + make insurance easier

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Saving T-I-M-E with short dental implants

Short implants may seem an obvious alternative when conventional implants cannot be used without additional surgical procedures to compensate for tissue deficiencies in posterior regions. But the question remains: Are survival rates for short implants the same as conventional dental implants? This month, Don Rothenberg and I discuss the benefits of using short implants in certain situations as a method to avoid invasive grafting.

Scott Froum, DDS
Editorial Director, Perio-Implant Advisory

Saving your S-A-N-I-T-Y while saving teeth


3 ways to make dental insurance approval easier
for periodontal therapy

With the advent of new technology, teeth that were previously considered hopeless can now be saved. However, sometimes an obstacle arises and it's not the patient or the disease—it's the insurance company. Kyle Summerford shares three time-tested ways to ease the insurance approval process for periodontal regeneration therapy.

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Earn 3 CE credits: Is there a place for essential oils in patient care? Fact vs. fiction

A clean-living lifestyle revolution has taken over the US in recent years, with many people limiting or eliminating chemical-based products from their homes and bodies. Replacement of these products with ones from nature has become popular, especially those containing essential oils. Learn more about these alternative therapies in this course.

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