A bar or a Locator implant overdenture?

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The new classification of periodontal disease that you, your patient, and your insurance company can understand

Last November, a committee representing the American Academy of Periodontology and the European Federation of Periodontology met with the charge of updating the 1999 classification of periodontal disease and conditions. The Proceedings of the World Workshop on the Classification of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Diseases and Conditions consists of 19 review papers and four consensus reports.

I have written an article that provides a simple summary of the new classification of periodontal disease and peri-implant disease, as well as the staging and progression of periodontitis. You can use this information to explain treatment needs to your patients and any insurance companies.

Scott Froum, DDS
Editorial Director, Perio-Implant Advisory

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Considerations when choosing between a bar
versus a Locator overdenture

Steven Pigliacelli, MDT, CDT, identifies the deciding factors for determining the overdenture that is best suited for final case design. He examines several clinical scenarios.

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Wingrove: The most trusted name in implant maintenance

The R900 Wingrove Go-To Set provides the best instrument selection to efficiently adapt to any implant patient walking into your office, including those with narrow-based bulbous crowns, wide-based crowns, Locator abutments, Hader bars, and exposed threads. Also great for cement removal. Learn more at this link.

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