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Finding the right dry mouth fit

Dry mouth is estimated to affect up to 64% of the population. Patti DiGangi, BS, RDH, says you might be underdiagnosing and undertreating this condition if you are not treating at least 30% of your patients for dry mouth. Here's a guide to finding the right fit for individual patients.

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I have it—you want it

We all know that silver diamine fluoride has proven effective for treating dentinal hypersensitivity, but the black stain it leaves behind can pose an issue. Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD, reviews a new silver diamine fluoride product that uses potassium iodide to minimize staining, as well as a hybrid composite and a high-speed LED handpiece.

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Pearls for your practice

Not every anxious patient can tolerate medications, and sometimes emergencies and unplanned procedures make sedation impossible. A new virtual reality headset can help. Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD, reviews it here, along with a hydro air abrasion system and a resin-based restorative material.

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Operatory mirror, mobile teledentistry cart, and more

Browse new products, including an operatory mirror, an intelligent LED curing light, a mobile teledentistry cart, 3-D printed dentures, retraction paste, and more.

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Free samples from ProxySoft

Try ProxySoft on your patients. Feel the difference of FlexYarn. Sign up for free samples here!

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