Surgical techniques for perio pocket elimination

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3 methods to retrieve a fractured implant screw

Although dental implants enjoy a high survival rate as natural tooth replacement options, failures do occur. The literature suggests that screw loosening and fracture have the highest prevalence of prosthetic complications over a 10-year period and can be as high as 45%.

Once a screw has fractured, it can be challenging to remove it from the implant chamber. To minimize further complications, try one of these three methods for implant screw retrieval after a screw fracture.

Scott Froum, DDS
Editorial Director, Perio-Implant Advisory

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A review of surgical techniques

Since the mid-1900s we’ve known that soft-tissue resection alone fails to eliminate periodontal pockets. Drs. James Ramos and Scott Froum give an overview of the current surgical techniques for periodontal pocket elimination, including curettage, gingivectomy, osseous surgery through the palatal flap, and laser-assisted pocket-reduction treatment.

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AAP President
Dr. Richard Kao

Zachary Kulsrud, senior editor of Endeavor Business Media’s dental group, recently interviewed Dr. Richard Kao, president of the American Academy of Periodontology. Read about Kao’s views on the impact the World Workshop with the European Federation of Periodontology has had on the profession, industry trends, and the AAP’s long-term goals.

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TrueFit 3-D printed dentures: A 5-day turnaround

A revolution is upon us: 3-D printed dentures! TrueFit allows you to offer an affordable and highly accurate denture to your patients by using the latest computer-aided design and 3-D printing technology from Carbon3D. Find out more at this link.

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PDT introduces implant-specific hygiene instruments: Interview with Dr. Alfonso Pineyro

These hygiene instruments by Paradise Dental Technologies (PDT) are the first designed specifically for implants. While other lines are simply titanium copies of instruments for natural teeth, these consider unique implant-maintenance needs.

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