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Fire Engineering's Fire EMS Newsletter | June 2, 2016

If you missed our most recent episode of "Firemedically Speaking" radio, listen in as host Mike McEvoy and JEMS Editor in Chief A.J. Heightman discuss trends in EMS and some predictions for the future. CLICK HERE for the show, and HERE for "Firemedically Speaking" show archives.

You can hear and call in live to Firemedically Speaking on the first Friday of every month starting at 7:30 PM ET. -- Pete Prochilo, Online Editor
What Are We Going to Do Now?
The public and the media may not fully understand our operations, but they will go with on-scene impressions, especially if a call goes south, writes Michael Morse.
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How Busy Is Busy?
"Every firefighter thinks he knows how busy he is. If you ever want to know, just ask him during shift change tomorrow morning." Read more from Joe Powers on determining department data.
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Stokes Basket
Stokes baskets provide a great tool for both technical rescue as well as movement of a patient on a rough terrain. Brian Zaitz on becoming proficient in stokes use and lashing of a victim into the basket.
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Quality Assurance at the Officer Level
How do departments provide QA training to their officers? Read more from Casey McCaslin.
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Fireground Rehab
Although many might stick their nose in the air or say, “We don’t need rehab,” the fact is that rehab should be as routine as pulling a hoseline, writes Brian Zaitz.
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Active Shooter Response: Rescue in the Warm Zone
Joe Pulvermacher discusses how a mass-shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin affected his department's approach to responding to this type of incident.
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Report: Dallas Paramedic Program Off to Slow Start
Dallas paramedics are making plenty of house calls, but they're not making much money for the city, according to The Dallas Morning News.
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NTSB on Philly Cops Ferrying Victims at Amtrak Derailment
The Philadelphia Police Department's practice of transporting injured victims to hospitals instead of waiting for ambulances did no significant harm, according to a report.
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Comments Needed on Cardiac Arrest and STEMI Measures
The EMS Compass is asking for comment on 16 proposed EMS performance measures, nine CPR measures and seven STEMI measures.
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