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LEDs Newsletter | December 30, 2015

Welcome to the LEDs Magazine weekly newsletter for Dec. 30, 2015, and our last missive for the year. Happy New Year to all of you in the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) industries. Be safe and have a wonderful holiday and start to 2016.

In keeping with our end-of-the-year tradition, we offer this week a list of our Top 20 stories for 2015. The list is based on web traffic to the stories, but we think it's generally indicative of the interests of the industry. We judged LED-based tube stories to be of the greatest interest, and would speculate that the billions of fluorescent tubes installed globally is the reason for such popularity. Business stories were the second most prominent category in our list led by stories on acquisitions and planned divestitures by Philips and Osram.

There is also a new blog post with a New Year's theme. If you are going to New York's Times Square on Thursday to see the iconic ball drop, don’t bother reading. The rest of you can learn how to bring that New York celebration into your living room.

We are also offering up a look at one of the most impressive LED-based art projects that we saw in 2015. In fact, artist and lighting designer Therese Lahaie has just won the LuciteLux Just Imagine award for the "Crossing Signal Mosaic" project located at the Parc on Powell apartment building in Emeryville, CA. Lahaie has been a speaker at our Strategies in Light conferences and at many other industry events. The article includes a video in which she describes the genesis of the project and the technology involved.

Back to lamps and moving the focus across the Atlantic, Osram has developed a second-generation family of products with dim-to-warm capabilities. Such a product might be ideal for a New Year's Eve celebration with the lamp warming to a 2000K CCT at 10% brightness. Indeed, Osram targets the residential and hospitality sectors with the product.

As normal, there are several items down below with a network theme as SSL moves toward a connected future. Again in Europe, SSL manufacturer PhotonStar has joined forces with IBM to purse a connected future. PhotonStar has linked its Halcyon smart lighting system to IBM's Watson cloud-based architecture intended to support Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

And speaking of connected lighting, our last webcast of the year was focused on the topic and was packed with good information including data from the latest Strategies Unlimited research on lamps, and indoor and outdoor luminaires. You can still register and access the material on demand .

For those of you in the public relations business, you can upload your news, case studies, and new product information in press release form for publication on LEDs Magazine.

Headline News

$subtitles.get($x) Pop the bubbly over our top 20 of 2015
As we close out another year, LEDs Magazine takes a look at the stories that were most popular with you, our readers - from lamps to controls to breaking business news, we've got it all.


$subtitles.get($x) Zhaga steers LED driver future with new standard and database
Book 13 specification defines standardized LED driver form factors intended for usage with separate LED modules, and the Zhaga Consortium has a revamped product database that includes all products compliant with the library of Zhaga Books.


$subtitles.get($x) It's elementary that an LED specialist should team with Watson
PhotonStar is the latest solid-state lighting company to join forces with an IT powerhouse, IBM's Watson cloud system, for IoT collaboration.


More Top Stories

Crossing Signal Mosaic sends clear and creative messages
An SSL-based public art project at the Parc on Powell apartment building in Emeryville, CA synchronizes with the rhythms of the roadway intersection and pedestrian crossing signals and has won a major design award.

LIFX cuts price - again - on color-changing LED lamp
Not long ago the smart lamp was $100. Now it's set at $50.

European market warms up with new dimming lamp debut
Osram's new Glow-Dim LED technology warms to 2000K at 10 percent brightness.


Digital control in LED drivers delivers better dimming in lamps
Scott Brown describes the dimming challenge in LED lamps that are connected to phase-cut dimmers and details the basis for digital control techniques that can enable flicker-free performance in SSL applications.

Keeping the existing lighting can do harm
We may not fully understand the impact of blue-rich light on humans, states Stan Walerczyk, principal of Lighting Wizards, but we know it can be beneficial and ignoring that benefit could be the act that does harm.

Architectural designs will advance LED lighting concepts
Using LED lighting as a ‘building block’ for new architectural designs is a hot topic of conversation between conference co-chair Bob Steele and Eoin Billings, who will present at SIL 2016 along with partner Duncan Jackson, of Billings Jackson Design.


BLOG: Bring Times Square home on New Year’s Eve with Hue
Philips is offering customers of its color-changing Hue products a way to have a synchronized experience in their own home.

REPORT: LED modules and light engines: Market analysis and forecast 2015
Strategies Unlimited covers the worldwide LED modules and LED light engines market used in general lighting. LED modules (packaged LEDs on a PCB) and light engines (modules plus driver electronics) are continuing to grow in the lighting sector as LED luminaires and lamps continue to be adopted.

BLOG: Lumenpulse finds synergy in acquiring Italy's Exenia
Editor Maury Wright considers what the Italian SSL company has to offer Canada-based Lumenpulse, which focuses mainly on architectural lighting and digital controls.

EVENTS: Get a handle on the upcoming conference
The preliminary event guide for Strategies in Light is available for download. Find speaker and session information to help organize your visit according to your educational and business needs.

LED & SSL Products

Sengled Element Touch smart LED lamp features touch and wireless controls, CCT adjustment with light level
Element Touch is an A19 smart LED lamp that provides 800 lm of light, which is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb, and 9.8W max of power.

Kingbright Heli Colour packaged LEDs are available as top emitter and SMD devices
Engineered with the latest AlGalnP and InGaN material technology, the HELI Colour series provides customers with both bi-color and full color packaged LEDs.

EPtronics' low-wattage LED drivers are designed for phase dimming
The LD6W, LD9W, LD12W, LD16W, LD20W and LD96W drivers are compatible with leading and trailing edge phase dimming systems.

More new developments in enabling technologies and lighting
Lantis launches LED tubes for medical lighting that comply with Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) directive
GlacialTech square heat sink uses cold forging technology rated for 30W LED thermal management
Macris Industries launches IS-Line waterproof low-voltage LED luminaires
Xicato puts people in the spotlight with Beauty Series LED modules
Venture Lighting Europe releases new industrial LED luminaires
Thomas Research Products delivers 96W line-voltage dimming LED driver


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