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Welcome to the LEDs Magazine Smart Lighting & IoT Newsletter for Apr. 10, 2017. We had a team from our publication in attendance at LEDucation two weeks back. That two-day conference is almost exclusively attended by lighting designers and specifiers and members of the architectural community. And many of the attendees are based right in the New York City vicinity.

The conference had some very interesting presentations, but was decidedly lacking in smart lighting or Internet of Things (IoT) topics. There were a few presentations on controls, but far more on things like the art and science of dimming. Beatrice Witzgall, CEO of LumiFi, made the only focused IoT presentation. What's the point? As we mentioned in our report on LightFair International 2016, lighting manufacturers are way out in front of the specifier community when it comes to the IoT.

Speaking of Witzgall, she recently contributed her second article to our magazine. Indeed, the issue we distributed at LEDucation included her piece on the developing ecosystem for smart lighting and the IoT. About a year back, Witzgall had written a column predicting that the IoT would eliminate traditional light switches.

We continue to believe that lighting will evolve in an intelligent fashion both indoors and out. And we are seeing some credible examples, especially in outdoor applications. For example, we have written twice about the tunable-white street and area lighting trial at White Bear Lake, MN. The municipality has now added weather sensors that can trigger autonomous action in terms of changes in light intensity or CCT based on weather conditions.

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$subtitles.get($x) IoT drives an expanded ecosystem in the lighting value chain
With the advance of IoT and connected lighting, Beatrice Witzgall notes key areas of expertise that must be brought to bear in product development and projects, including a look at the changing supply chain.



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