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LTF's Dim-to-Warm: The LED Technology You Didn't Know You Needed

LTF's Dim-to-Warm technology allows our LEDs to change from vibrant, full spectrum 3000K CCT task light at full power, down to cozy and inviting 1800K light as they are dimmed. Dim-to-Warm is available in a variety of LTF's LED boards, bulbs and light engines, bringing comfortable human-centric light to any application. Light quality, efficiency and operational lifetime are no longer a trade-off. Not convinced? See our video of Dim-to-Warm in action.

Learn More at LTFtechnology.com

Welcome to the LEDs Magazine weekly newsletter for Sept. 5, 2018. The calendar turn to September may foreshadow cooler weather, more industry activity, and many other things. But in Europe, it also signals the end of the road for halogen lighting. The European Commission's energy-driven regulatory policy means that the majority of halogen sockets will now be populated solely by LED sources.

We now have most of the details posted on the program planned for our Oct. 9 Horticultural Lighting Conference in Portland. We will have a fantastic panel on the future of smart horticultural lighting on the agenda. Register to attend and make your travel plans now.

We have a neat solid-state lighting (SSL) case study for you this week. We're sure many of you had a bright red Radio Flyer wagon when you were younger and perhaps your kids have one today. Well, the renovated Radio Flyer company headquarters can now be bathed in red LED facade lighting, night or day. Acclaim Lighting supplied the luminaires that can actually produce any color, but especially very-bright red via an extra channel of red LEDs.

In indoor connected lighting, it's been a couple of busy weeks for the Hue SSL platform from Signify (formerly Philips Lighting). Recently, we published coverage of 20 new Hue products available from Signify. And just this past week, we covered new partners in the Friends of Hue ecosystem, including four luminaire manufacturers. Consumers have rapidly expanding options in connected and dynamic LED lighting for their homes.

Next week will bring about the start of a busy fall webcast schedule. Dr. Octavio Perez of Mount Sinai Hospital will present on lighting for health and wellbeing Sept. 11. And then on Sept. 13, Bob O'Brien of Display Supply Chain and Mike Casper of FLEx will discuss the latest in light source options for displays including reflective technology.

Our September issue will be coming to our digital magazine platform in a few days. That magazine-style user interface provides the simplest means to peruse our issue content, and subscribers get seamless access to the current issue and archives.

Horticultural Lighting Conference

Headline News

$subtitles.get($x) CELL uses several channels to experiment with horticultural lighting
Osram Innovations and Osram Opto Semiconductors partnered to deliver a seven-channel SSL system to the horticultural department at Michigan State University, so the Controlled Environment Lighting Lab can explore light recipes and sculpting of crop look and taste.


$subtitles.get($x) Acclaim Lighting bathes Radio Flyer with colorful LED beams
Kids throughout North America have long cherished red Radio Flyer wagons, and the company's headquarters now sports an LED-lit glass facade that can shine brightly adjacent to a giant replica wagon through the day and night.


$subtitles.get($x) Signify makes more Friends of Hue
The wireless controlled Hue LED-based technology has proven popular with consumers and more third parties than ever are participating in the ecosystem that Signify is building around the dynamic and wireless-enabled SSL platform.


Sapphire Awards

Articles & Resources

Halogen lighting heads into the sunset while LEDs are on the rise
European energy-efficiency regulations are about to go into effect that will phase out many existing halogen lamp products, and the time is right to educate the consumer and commercial buying public about the advances in performance and improvements in LED lighting quality, says Simon Reed.

Lighting specialists to show how LED technology benefits a growing business
In just 39 days, the Horticultural Lighting Conference will kick off a full day of knowledge that helps to educate growers on the business value of LED-based horticultural lighting, and allows SSL developers to refine their designs.

Will reflective displays change demands on LEDs?
Webcast speakers Mike Casper and Bob O'Brien will cover competing display technologies, plus display evolution, the influence of market factors on development, and commercial challenges across several technologies. They will also discuss reflective displays and how reducing backlight may impact the device market and human experience. Register for their insights.

Unlock the potential of lighting for health and wellbeing
On Sept. 11, Philip Smallwood will summarize the current state of the human-centric lighting market and technology commercialization, and Octavio Perez will explain how the findings on light effects have inspired full-spectrum LEDs and lighting designs that benefit the human condition indoors.

Focus On OLEDs

OLED milestones show roadmap for future progress
In 2017, we published a feature by Sri Peruvemba that outlined the stops along the flexible light-emitting technology's path that lead to a prognosis for future applications.

Pondering the potential of OLED technology
OLED proponents have been promising further advances in the technology for several years, says Maury Wright, and they may finally be seeing a slight increase in the uptake of OLEDs for illumination. Still, market penetration is lower than LED.

DOE publishes Gateway report on OLED office lighting
One of the concerns holding back the more-costly OLED technology from general illumination applications is its lower efficacy. But the DOE's test installation demonstrated the pleasing quality of the light that was appreciated by office occupants.

Activity in OLED on the rise
Since last fall, LEDs Magazine has reported on several new business and application updates in the OLED sector.
LG, Samsung invest in German OLED company; Fraunhofer reveals color breakthrough
Apple's next iPhones might all use OLED screens
Read all about it: OLED now embedded in print material
Fraunhofer says its OLED bracelet can heal wounds

Industry News & Products

Find out what companies are doing in the LED & lighting industry
This week, we're offering a look at SSL products that have been recognized recently in the 2018 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report. Selections are submitted by the industry, evaluated by IES committee members, and determined to demonstrate uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry.
Seoul Semiconductor's SunLike LEDs
Tempo's CLiP 4X linear LED luminaire
Hubbell Lighting indoor and outdoor LED luminaires
Luminis' Aramis AR170 LED pendant
HessAmerica's PORTAL EXIT outdoor-rated LED signage bollard
A-Light's AERIAL linear pendant
Liteline's LUNA Series gimbal fixture


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