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Military & Aerospace Electronics Wrap Up | July 31, 2015

Week in review
Raytheon to pursue full-scale development of carrier-based GPS aircraft landing system
U.S. Navy carrier aviation experts are planning to award a 6-year contract to Raytheon Co. for full-scale development of an aircraft carrier landing system based on differential Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation technology.
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Air Force continues project to upgrade propeller control systems in C-130 turboprop aircraft
U.S. Air Force Reserve C-130 utility turboprop aircraft are receiving computer-aided propeller control to enhance aircraft safety and performance.
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Northrop Grumman to provide flight computers for Marine Corps utility and attack helicopters
Avionics computer experts at the Northrop Grumman Corp. are delivering the company's next-generation mission flight computers for lot 12 of the Marine Corps' H-1 helicopter upgrade program.
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Raytheon to build more than 500 hard-target-penetrating missiles in $180.4 million contract
Precision-guided munitions experts at Raytheon Co. will provide the U.S. and Saudi Arabian military forces with more than 500 hard-target-penetrating and data-linked medium-range precision-guided target-penetrating missiles under terms of a $180.4 million contract.
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In case you missed it ...
Race is on to find technologies to counter low-cost unmanned aircraft
Small quadcopter-types of small unmanned aircraft increasing are posing a drone menace to civil aircraft operations, as well as to sensitive public, government, and industrial sites like sporting events, prisons, power plants, and military bases.
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Boeing to continue work on developing XS-1 reusable hypersonic unmanned spacecraft
U.S. military researchers are pushing forward with a project to design an reusable hypersonic unmanned spacecraft able to carry and deploy 3,000-to-5,000-pound satellites to low-Earth orbit (LEO) for less than $5 million per launch.
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