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DARPA's new TERN unmanned aircraft wants to cover the sea with air support

That missing drone from Fort Huachuca? It was found in Colorado

US defense budget boost: Congressional hawks face the clock

Intel introduces FPGAs for rugged industrial and automotive embedded computing applications

DARPA discovers GPS-like undersea drone connectivity for tough undersea navigation

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3U cPCI Multifunction I/O Board - 75G5

NAI’s 75G5 customer-configurable, 3U cPCI multifunction I/O and communications board can be configured with up to three intelligent function modules. Ideally suited for rugged military, industrial, and commercial applications, this low-power/high-performance board delivers an off-the-shelf solution that accelerates deployment of Swap-optimized systems. Learn more

How military harvests technology from commercial industry

Commercial and military satellite communications are prime examples of how the U.S. military continues to adapt commercial technologies to military applications.

Navy seeks to push state-of-the-art in shipboard power research with contract to Florida State

U.S. Navy shipboard electronics experts are seeking to push the state-of-the art in shipboard power components and power architectures research by working together with Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fla.

BAE Systems to build 11 recovery M88A2 armored combat vehicles and vetronics in $28.2 million contract

Armored combat vehicles experts at BAE Systems will provide the U.S. Army with 11 M88A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift Evacuation System (HERCULES) vehicles and related vetronics under terms of a $28.2 million contract announced last week.

General Dynamics to enhance and upgrade Army intelligence and Electronic Warfare (EW) simulation

Simulation and training experts at General Dynamics Corp. will enhance the capabilities of a U.S. Army intelligence and electronic warfare (EW) electronic simulator to improve the training of U.S. military intelligence analysts.

Navy seeks small businesses able to build Barracuda UUV mine neutralizer

U.S. Navy counter- mine warfare experts are surveying the defense industry to find at least two small businesses that could manufacture a small unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) mine neutralizer able to destroy or disable enemy ocean mines at safe distances from Navy vessels and personnel.

Night vision military briefing: life in the military photo essay

As seen through a night-vision device, airmen discuss a mission before participating in raid scenario during Southern Strike 17 at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center, Miss.

Commodity COTS military technology and its potential threat to military capability and innovation

There's a lot of benefit to the military's continuing use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic components and subsystems; commodity technology can lead to low costs, predictable interoperability, and for the most part acceptable performance. Yet it also might stifle innovation.

Army chooses nine IT companies to provide Army computer users to desktop computers, tablets, and more

U.S. Army officials are choosing nine U.S. information technology (IT) companies to provide U.S. Army computer users with a wide variety of IT equipment over the next decade under terms of a $2.5 billion contract.

Boeing to upgrade sonar signal processing on Navy P-8A anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft

U.S. Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) experts are asking engineers at the Boeing Co. to upgrade the sonar signal processing system of the Navy's P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft under terms of a $68.7 million contract.

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