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How Navy electronic warfare helicopters can help defend ships from missile attack

Reinventing electronic warfare with increased investment in new technologies

Invisible artillery: Army wants electronic warfare at all levels

U.S. is outgunned in electronic warfare, says cyber commander

Next Army combat vehicle may feature active protection, laser weapons


Harris to provide SIRFC airborne electronic warfare systems for Special Operations aircraft

Airborne electronic warfare (EW) experts at Harris Corp. will provide the AN/ALQ-211 Suite Of Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasures (SIRFC) equipment for U.S. Special Operations Command aircraft under terms of a $100 million order announced Monday.


Army researchers eye reconfigurable RF and microwave gear for radar, EW, SIGINT, and communications

U.S. Army RF and microwave researchers are surveying industry for technologies that could enable reconfigurable multi-function systems able to switch quickly between radar, electronic warfare (EW), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and communications.


Verus Research to help Air Force determine effectiveness of electronics-killing HPEM weapons

U.S. Air Force weapons experts needed a research company to help them evaluate the electronics-killing effects of high-power electromagnetic (HPEM) weapons on analog and digital electronics. They found their solution from Verus Research in Albuquerque, N.M.


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3U OpenVPX Transceiver Module

Mercury‚Äôs Ensemble® DCM-KU-4R2G-2T3G transceiver delivers exceptional spectral purity and efficiency for LPOI signal intercept capability. It offers a unique combination of performance, quick reaction time and processing power. Either air-cooled or conduction-cooled, it is designed for use in ultra-low latency and ultra-wideband communications applications. Learn more

Northrop Grumman building and upgrading missile defense sensor processing for the front lines

Missile defense experts at Northrop Grumman Corp. are continuing a project to build and enhance a U.S. Army mobile sensor processing system designed to protect warfighters on the front lines from ballistic missile attack.

Raytheon hardening SDB II smart munitions against electromagnetic jamming and cyber attack

Smart munitions experts at the Raytheon Co. are upgrading an Air Force and Navy air-to-ground weapon to enhance its resistance to electromagnetic jamming and cyber attacks, as well as its ability to resist the ill effects of component obsolescence.

Orbital ATK to upgrade 230 AGM-88E Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM) systems

U.S. Navy air warfare experts are upgrading 230 air-to-ground radar-killing AGM-88B High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) systems to the AGM-88E Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM) to equip the service's carrier-based fighter-bombers and electronic warfare jets.

Boeing to upgrade computers, IFF, navigation, and communications aboard Saudi AWACS planes

Military avionics experts at the Boeing Co. will upgrade crucial electronics aboard Saudi Arabian government's five E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft under terms of a $240.2 million contract announced Monday.

Raytheon to build 200 data-linked target-penetrating smart munitions for government of Qatar

Precision munitions experts at Raytheon Co. will provide the government of Qatar with 200 hard-target-penetrating and data-linked medium-range precision-guided smart munitions under terms of a $172.9 million order.

Northrop Grumman to provide components for radar warning receiver electronic warfare avionics

Military aviation experts at Northrop Grumman Corp. are providing new embedded computing and RF and microwave components to increase production capability of the U.S. Navy AN/APR-39 family of airborne electronic warfare radar warning receiver avionics.

Navy chooses Argon ST to build eight additional shipboard torpedo-defense decoys

Torpedo-defense experts at Argon ST Inc. in Smithfield, Pa., are building eight shipboard devices for the U.S. Navy that use torpedo-spoofing decoy systems to lure enemy torpedoes away from U.S. and allied surface ships.

Navy asks Harris to provide portable radios for communications in $765 million contract

U.S. Navy radio communications experts are asking Harris Corp. to provide a variety of military portable radios under terms of a $765 million sole-source contract for RF and microwave equipment.

Raytheon orders for radio-controlled anti-tank missiles roll-in with deals worth a half-billion-dollars

The Raytheon Co. racked up orders worth more than half a billion dollars Thursday to build radio-controlled anti-tank missiles for the militaries of Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Bahrain.

Rugged device to protect battlefield networks with assured PNT data introduced by Orolia Spectracom

Spectracom Corp. in Rochester, N.Y., is introducing VersaPNT for virtually failsafe battlefield navigation and for protection critical networks with assured positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) technology -- even in GPS-denied environments.

Rugged rack-mount computer server for battlefield sensor fusion introduced by Crystal Group

Crystal Group Inc. in Hiawatha, Iowa, is introducing the Optimized Rugged Computer Equipment (FORCE) rugged computer server line for military battlefield applications that involve sensor fusion, machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomy, electronic warfare, and similar compute-intensive tasks.

Rugged embedded computing system for developing avionics mission computers introduced by Abaco

Abaco Systems in Huntsville, Ala., is introducing the Lightning embedded computing system for developing leading-edge rugged embedded mission computers for avionics and other mission-critical systems.

6U VPX embedded computing board for digital signal processing (DSP) introduced by Interface Concept

Interface Concept in Quimper, France, is introducing the IC-INT-VPX6e server-class 6U VPX digital signal processing (DSP) embedded computing board for military, aerospace, and avionics applications.

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