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Calling all companies on the cutting edge! 2019 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards deadline extended to 7 Oct. 2019

Air Force set to deploy prototype counter-drone directed-energy weapons based on high-power microwaves

Elbit Systems unveils new wearable electronics technologies for infantry commanders and soldiers

BAE Systems works with Australian army to develop unmanned combat vehicles with autonomous technologies

Air Force to rely on digital engineering to design and prototype 6th generation jet fighter to replace F-35


Artificial intelligence (AI) experts at SRI International to investigate self-aware machine learning

How does an artificially intelligent computer know if it's smart enough to do the job, or if it has a skill set that's adequate for the task at hand?

Navy asks Lockheed Martin to provide third-generation advanced helmet-mounted displays for F-35 combat jet

Navy asks Lockheed Martin to provide third-generation advanced helmet-mounted displays for F-35 combat jet

FPGA-enabled trusted boot is part of building security into every aspect of trusted computing architectures

FPGAs can defend against reverse engineering and offers capabilities such as black key storage or side channel resistant cryptography in some devices.


Avionics experts choose power supplies for F-15 combat aircraft radar warning receiver from Crane Keltec

These power suppliers are air- or conduction cooled, feature operating efficiencies to 85 percent, and have power densities of 40 Watts per cubic inch.

Pentagon asks Northrop Grumman for additional surface-search radar systems for Triton maritime patrol UAV

MFAS is Triton's maritime search radar that provides the UAV with a 360-degree view of a large geographic area while providing all-weather coverage.

Navy taps Boeing to provide 136 military avionics mission computer systems for F/A-18 combat aircraft

Mission computers will support new systems like a distributed targeting system, infrared search and track, and high-definition touch-screen display.

Raytheon to provide parts kits to upgrade signal processing and sonar for Navy MK 54 lightweight torpedo

The MK 54 integrates hardware and software from the MK 46, MK 50, and MK 48 torpedoes with new sonar and COTS digital signal processing technology.

Raytheon to provide electro-optical targeting kits for cruise missile defense aboard surface warships

CIWS is a fast-reaction terminal defense against low- and high-flying quick maneuvering anti-ship missiles that have penetrated all other defenses.

Marvin to provide 770 sidewinder and AMRAAM air-to-air missile launchers for Navy F/A-18 combat jet

Electrical interfaces between LAU-127 and F/A-18 air crew also supports preflight orientation and control circuits to prepare and launch the missiles.

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