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China's new aircraft carrier hints at the future of its navy

Rudy Giuliani to head new cyber security committee for President Trump

Congressional armed services leaders to propose major defense budget increase

New generation of smart power converters show promise for maritime applications

Navy's next-generation Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine ready for detail design

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Modernize Your Communications Test

Introducing the new CTS-6000 Series, an all-new I- and O-level tester for radio frequency, communications, and navigation system test. With more than sixteen test instruments in one, this portable device delivers low cost testing with fewer frustrating “no fault found” results. See datasheet and video.

Military closer to developing smart bullets for machine guns on ships, vehicles, and aircraft

Military machine guns, with minor modifications, have remained essentially the same since World War I. They're designed to spray out a hail of metal bullets in one general direction to shred people, supplies, command centers, and lightly armored vehicles. Smart bullets rarely have been envisioned.

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Micro connectors shield EMI 360°

Eaton’s M5 connectors provide 85 dB EMI protection from 100 to 1000MHz and feature significantly smaller sizes and higher contact densities than D38999 solutions. Redundant insert retentions and coupling mechanisms stay engaged during high shock and vibration. Qualification reports are available upon request. Learn more

Raytheon to build prototype smart bullets to protect surface warships from swarming attacks

Intelligent munitions experts at the Raytheon Co. will develop and test prototype independently targeted smart bullets to help defend U.S. Navy surface warships from swarming attacks involving manned and unmanned aircraft, missiles, and fast-attack boats bearing down from many different directions at once.

ASSETT to apply artificial intelligence and machine autonomy to submarine combat systems

U.S. Navy shipboard electronics experts need machine autonomy and artificial intelligence technology to improve effectiveness and reduce personnel requirements of surface ship and submarine combat systems. They found their solution from ASSETT Inc. in Manassas, Va.

Lockheed Martin to build helicopter-based electronic warfare (EW) to protect ships from missiles

U.S. Navy surface warfare and missile defense experts are choosing Lockheed Martin Corp. to develop and build a helicopter-based long-range electronic warfare (EW) system to protect Navy surface ships from existing and future advanced anti-ship missiles.

Navy orders six RQ-21A UAV reconnaissance drones from Boeing Insitu in $70.1 million deal

U.S. Navy aviation officials unmanned aircraft experts are buying six additional RQ-21A Blackjack small tactical drones to provide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based battlefield reconnaissance capability for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps field commanders.

Raytheon to build TOW anti-tank missiles for military forces of Jordan and Saudi Arabia

The Raytheon Co. will build radio-controlled anti-tank missiles for the military forces of Saudi Arabia and Jordan under terms of a $53.2 million order announced just before Christmas.

BAE Systems to build electronic warfare systems to protect special-operations turboprop aircraft

Electronic warfare (EW) experts at BAE Systems will provide RF countermeasures systems to help U.S. special-operations C-130J turboprop aircraft evade and jam enemy radar systems.

QinetiQ boosts expertise in unmanned aerial targets with acquisition of Meggitt Target Systems

Executives of defense electronics specialist QinetiQ in Farnborough, England, are boosting their company's expertise in military unmanned aerial targets systems with their acquisition of Meggitt Target Systems Ltd. in Ashford, England.

DARPA researchers want small fiber laser diode for laser weapons in future combat aircraft

U.S. military researchers are asking for industry's help in developing compact, fiber laser diode modules suitable for pumping high power fiber laser weapons on a variety of manned and unmanned combat aircraft and tactical land vehicles.

Mouser offers Qorvo QPD GaN transistors for military radar and electronic warfare (EW)

Electronics distributor Mouser Electronics Inc. in Mansfield, Texas, is offering QPD gallium nitride (GaN) RF transistors from Qorvo in Greensboro, N.C., for infrastructure, defense and aerospace applications such as radar, electronic warfare (EW), communications, navigation, and similar applications.

Spiral inductor coils for RF and microwave circuits and power supplies introduced by SemiGen

SemiGen Inc. in Manchester, N.H., is introducing is introducing a series of spiral inductor coils for power electronics applications in RF and microwave circuits and power supplies.

6U VME embedded computing boards with Intel Xeon CPUs introduced by Abaco for military applications

Abaco Systems in Huntsville, Ala., is introducing the XVB603 and XVR19 6U VME single-board computers based on 7th generation Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6 processor for mission-critical deployed defense and aerospace embedded computing applications.

Tunable bandpass filters for military RF and microwave uses like radios introduced by Pole/Zero

Pole/Zero Corp. in West Chester, Ohio, is introducing the HF-ERF family of tunable bandpass filters for military handheld radios, radar systems, satellite communications (SATCOM), test and measurement systems, and other RF and microwave applications.

AC-DC DIN rail mount power supply for test and measurement, factory automation introduced by TDK

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. in San Diego is introducing the DRB480-24-1 AC-DC DIN rail mount power supply for test and measurement, factory automation, process control, and other power electronics applications where there is limited room on the DIN mounting rail.

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