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Close air support flyoff: Pentagon to pit A-10 Warthog against F-35 to see which is best

China stages successful flight test of hypersonic missile for anti-ship warfare

Navy installs unmanned tanker aircraft control center aboard U.S. aircraft carrier

Army demonstrates laser weapons and electromagnetic railgun as next-generation battlefield weapons

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Mill-Max’s New Spring Pin Mating Target Discs

This low profile, SMT terminal is perfect for applications where vertical space is at a premium. The flat surfaces are ideal for: SMT soldering; conductive mating surface for spring-loaded pins and connectors, as well as test probes.

Air Force looking for power sources and antennas for future high-power microwave weapons

U.S. Air Force researchers are asking industry to develop power sources and antennas for future high-power microwave weapons and for other aerospace and defense uses.

Raytheon continues project to upgrade Fire Scout UAV control system with open-systems software

Military drone experts at the Raytheon Co. will continue upgrading the MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control system with open-systems software to enhance interoperability among military UAV control systems, reduce costs, and facilitate future upgrades.

Two more research concerns join expanding DARPA project to counter DDoS cyber attacks

Two U.S. military research concerns are joining a cyber security project to develop fundamentally new defenses against distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attacks on U.S. military data networks.

Navy researchers seek to tame the electromagnetic interference beast plaguing shipboard electronics

Navy surface warships aren't just maneuverable steel islands bristling with weapons; they're complex electromagnetic transmitters and receivers driving applications like radar, combat data links, electronic warfare (EW), and communications systems. Ships also are nests of electromagnetic interference.

12-company $800 million Navy project seeks to share radar, EW, and communications antennas

Twelve U.S. technology companies are carrying out a 5-year potential $800 million U.S. Navy research project to develop new kinds of antennas that communications, radar, and electronic warfare (EW) systems can share.

Navy picks three companies to provide COTS electronics for Tomahawk shipboard missile control

U.S. Navy shipboard weapons experts are looking to three electronic parts distribution and logistics companies to provide commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) parts for shipboard missile control systems.

U.S. military offensive cyber warfare experts taking the digital war to ISIS

The Defense Department has formed "national mission teams" to conduct offensive cyber-based operations against the Islamic State militant organization as part of a wider effort to disrupt the group's communication activities. ExecutiveGov reports.

Boeing's Insitu to integrate Ballard Subsidiary's fuel cell propulsion system with ScanEagle UAV

Ballard Power Systems in Burnaby, British Columbia, announced that its Protonex subsidiary has handed the prototype of fuel cell propulsion modules to Boeing's Insitu subsidiary for integration with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). ExecutiveBiz reports.

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