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U.S. Navy and General Dynamics complete evaluation tests of Knifefish mine-hunting undersea drone

Kalashnikov reveal plans for massive 20 ton unmanned drone tank for Russian army

System being developed restore power after cyber attack

Rohde & Schwarz makes RF spectrum analyzer software upgradable

Are U.S. nuclear weapons forces vulnerable to debilitating enemy cyber warfare attacks?

The shadowy world of cyber warfare

Cyber warfare still is a relatively new concept, for the military and civilians. To some it is an offshoot of electronic warfare (EW) or information warfare or even signals intelligence (SIGINT). A common definition calls it "actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption." It has rapidly evolved and expanded in the 21st Century, so that definition is far too limited.

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Amphenol Aerospace MIL-DTL-22992 Class L Connectors

Machined from high-strength aluminum, Amphenol Aerospace Class L connectors meet MIL-DTL-22992 specifications and feature rigid configuration control for maximum reliability. These rugged connectors are the largest size cylindricals available, supporting electrical loads of 40 to 200 amps and conductor sizes of 6 to 4/0. Visit www.connecticc.com or call 800-422-3911 for more details.

Slide show: Helicopter on-board delivery

Take a moment and enjoy a slide show of this week's photos of life in the military from Military & Aerospace Electronics.

Elbit to provide electro-optics helmet-mounted displays for Navy MH-60R and MH-60S helicopters

Electro-optics experts at Elbit Systems of America in Fort Worth, Texas, will provide the U.S. Navy with helmet-mounted displays for pilots of MH-60R anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters and MH-60S multimission helicopters under terms of a $49.9 million contract announced Wednesday.

Boeing to convert 18 retired F-16 jet fighters into unmanned target drones for advanced pilot training

Military avionics experts at the Boeing Co. will convert 18 retired U.S. Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16 jet fighters into sophisticated manned and unmanned target drones under terms of a $24.7 million order announced Wednesday.

DARPA to brief industry April 7 on molecular data storage project to handle flood of information

U.S. military researchers will brief industry next month on a project to develop completely new kinds of data storage technologies that operate on the molecular and chemical level to handle vast streams of information from reconnaissance, electronic warfare, (EW), signals intelligence (SIGINT), persistent surveillance, and other data-intensive military applications.

Navy orders additional SEWIP Block 2 shipboard electronic warfare (EW) systems from Lockheed Martin

U.S. Navy surface warfare experts are ordering additional advanced shipboard electronic warfare (EW) systems for surface warships like aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, cruisers, and destroyers under terms of a $98.5 million contract.

GlobalFoundries to help DMEA with chip fabrication for mission-critical military electronics

U.S. military microelectronics experts are looking to GlobalFoundries U.S. 2 LLC in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., to continue providing foundry and electronic chip fabrication services for crucial U.S. military electronics systems.

NASA needs wide-field electro-optical instrument for future WFIRST infrared space telescope

U.S. space scientists are reaching out to industry to find companies able to develop a wide-field electro-optical instrument for the future space-based Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST).

L-3 to provide electro-optical submarine sensor systems for U.S. attack and missile boats

U.S. Navy undersea warfare experts are ordering additional non-penetrating electro-optical sensor submarine masts from L-3 KEO in Northampton, Mass., for Virginia-class fast-attack submarines, and for other kinds of modern submarines without traditional periscope wells.

You call this a defense budget?

We're still a long way from seeing a detailed U.S. defense budget proposal for fiscal 2018, despite the release last week of a booklet entitled "America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again." It's not much help for those looking for details of upcoming military spending.

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