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Cyber researchers create chip that checks for 'Trojan horse' malicious circuitry

Lockheed Martin selects Ampex Data Systems airborne server/recorder for P-3 aircraft

U.S. Air Force investing $12 billion in upgrading 1980s-era F-15 fighter jets

U.S. Navy's new Aegis destroyer looks very impressive ... but is it affordable?

Lockheed Martin to design and install F-35 simulation and training facility at Lemoore NAS


Embedded computing industry mourns loss of Joe Pavlat, president of PCI trade association

Longtime embedded computing industry champion Joe Pavlat, 63, died last week, 31 Aug. 2016, at his home in Grass Valley, Calif. He had been president and chairman of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) in Wakefield, Mass., since the group's inception in 1994.


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Rugged Hybrid, Nano, and Micro Connectors

Omnetics Hybrid, Micro-D, and Nano-D connectors, wire harness and cable assembly solutions are ideal for critical, high reliability applications. These miniature connector solutions can be tailored to meet your applications requirements for rugged reduced weight interconnects supporting today’s high-speed digital applications.

Lockheed Martin to find sustainable ways of designing combat avionics for contested environments

Air combat experts at Lockheed Martin Corp. are helping U.S. military researchers find sustainable ways of designing and upgrading aircraft combat avionics that will maintain U.S. air superiority in contested environments where pilots risk having their sensors and communications jammed or their aircraft shot down.


Lockheed Martin to design combat management system shipboard electronics for Navy frigate

Shipboard electronics at Lockheed Martin Corp. will develop the combat management system for the U.S. Navy's future frigate surface warships under terms of a five-year $67.9 million contract.

DARPA artificial intelligence project aims to help humans and machines get along better

Humans and machines have been able to work together since the Industrial Revolution, but errors through misunderstandings are common. To help with this, U.S. military researchers are launching an artificial intelligence and machine learning program to help humans and machines get along better than ever before.

Navy boosting C4ISR, multi-sensor intelligence capabilities of P-8A Poseidon ASW aircraft

U.S. Navy surveillance and reconnaissance experts are moving forward with upgrades to the Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime-patrol C4ISR and ASW aircraft to enhance the plane's profile as a long-range multi-sensor intelligence-gathering platform.

Raytheon to build new Navy EASR shipboard radar for aircraft carriers and other large ships

Shipboard electronics at Raytheon Co. will develop a next-generation air-search radar for large U.S. Navy ships like aircraft carriers and big-deck amphibious assault ships under terms of a potential $723.1 million contract.

Sechan to provide cyber security and encryption for Navy situational awareness embedded computing

Electronics designers at Sechan Electronics Inc. in Lititz, Pa., will manufacture cyber security and encryption components for a U.S. Navy embedded computing system that blends radar information from several different to create one common air defense tactical display under terms of a $14.1 million order.

Navy chooses Colonial to provide contract manufacturing for circuit boards and RF components

U.S. Navy surface warfare experts needed contract manufacturing for electronic circuit boards, RF distribution assemblies, and related military and aerospace electronics items. They found their solution from Colonial Assembly and Design LLC in Fredericksburg, Va.

Navy beefing-up air-defense capabilities of U.S., Japan, and South Korea surface warships

U.S. Navy surface warfare experts are beefing-up the missile- and air-defense capabilities of U.S. and allied surface warships under terms of an order to Lockheed Martin Corp. worth nearly half a billion dollars.

OpenVPX embedded computing shelf managers that comply to VITA 46.11 introduced by Pixus

Pixus Technologies in Waterloo, Ontario, is introducing embedded computing shelf managers that comply to VITA 46.11 for shelf management of OpenVPX systems. There also are configurations for use in legacy VME/64x and CompactPCI systems.

Rugged VICTORY-compliant network switch for vetronics applications introduced by Cornet Technology

Cornet Technology Inc. in Springfield, Va., is introducing the HiCAP E24 VICTORY-compliant network switch for vetronics applications in military armored combat vehicles.

Small-form-factor rugged embedded computer for military and avionics uses introduced by VersaLogic

VersaLogic Corp. in Tualatin, Ore., is introducing the small-form-factor VL-EPU-3311 Osprey small, rugged, embedded computer for military, avionics, and medical applications.

High-performance embedded computing for radar signal processing introduced by Abaco

Abaco Systems in Huntsville, Ala., is introducing the DSP282A 6U OpenVPX rugged embedded computing multiprocessor with 40 Gigabit Ethernet for signal processing in large radar systems such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and ground moving target indicators (GMTI).

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