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The challenges or providing cyber security protection for sensitive data in the internet of things (IoT)

United Kingdom to receive its final Eurofighter Typhoon by the end of the year while eyeing new upgrades

Navy finishes upgrade on USS Ohio, first ballistic missile submarine converted to a guided-missile boat

South Korea to acquire more anti-missile radar, Aegis destroyers to counter threats from North Korea

U.S. military developing cyber system with wearable and biometrics for mobile network access security


Technology and politics of the new U.S. Space Force

President Donald Trump’s effort to create a Space Force as a new, independent branch of the U.S. military is based largely on concerns about the future of Chinese and Russian efforts in military space, which all three nations recognize as a warfighting domain, alongside air, land, sea, and cyber.

Sperry Marine continues to build AN/WSN-7 shipboard navigation systems as Navy waits for new replacement

The AN/WSN-7 ring laser gyro inertial navigation system senses motion, computes position in digital and analog formats, and sends data to ship systems.

Understanding cyber attacks in embedded computing enables integrators and suppliers to consider options

The trusted computing task is to apply practical measures that can mitigate the effects of known cyber threats to aerospace and defense systems.


Government urges defense companies to keep pace with rapid changes in trusted computing and cyber security

When a traditional Type 1 encryption solution is not necessary, the CSfC program provides a framework for data at rest and data in transit.

Army robotics expert urges industry to get involved with unmanned enabling technologies development

Cyber security and stealth will be central components of military unmanned vehicles of the future -- particularly as unmanned vehicles are networked.

Marine Corps to capitalize on Navy's future Large Unmanned Surface Vessel for resupply and troop transport

The future LUSV could rendezvous with Navy amphibious assault ships offshore to move Marines and supplies quickly where needed, at low risk and cost.

Lockheed Martin to provide shipboard electronics, signal processor, and liquid cooling for electronics

Aegis is a centralized, automated, command, control, and weapons-control system for the U.S. Navy Burke-class destroyer and Ticonderoga-class cruiser.

Army asks Northrop-Grumman for antenna designs for next-generation targeting radar on military platforms

RAPTR will improve precision and range of the previous-generation tactical radar to provide a greater level of situational awareness to warfighters.

Air Force wrapping-up embedded computing and sensors project to enhance networking for command and control

Embedded sensors and computing provide military network enhancements to enable warfighters to adapt to contested or intermittent communications.

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