Oral Systemic Thoughts

Dr. Richard Nagelberg states, "When we address periodontitis, we should be acting locally (the mouth) and thinking globally (the rest of the body)."
Nonsurgical periodontal therapy improves serum levels of C-reactive protein and edematous states in female patients with idiopathic edema.
The positive impact of eliminating the oral contribution to total inflammatory burden is being revealed by many studies.
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Visceral fat area-defined obesity and periodontitis among Koreans.
The high prevalence of both obesity and periodontal disease (PD) poses a substantial public health risk.
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Maternal periodontitis and the causes of preterm birth: the case-control EPIPAP study.
The primary theory explains the relationship between periodontitis and pre-eclampsia. Inflamed periodontal tissues release elevated levels of CRP, PGE2, and other inflammatory mediators into the general circulation, inducing damage to the placenta, resulting in pre-eclampsia.
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The Prevalence of Inflammatory Periodontitis is Negatively Associated with Serum Antioxidant Concentrations.
A growing body of research indicates the protective effect of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, carotenes, and bilirubin among others.
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From Dianne Glasscoe Watterson
Fabricating periodontal problems
RDH magazine columnist advises a reader who complains that the doctor is over-diagnosing the prevalence of periodontal disease in patients.
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In the news
Healthcare Digital links flossing with preventing heart disease
Web site cites Dental Health Foundation study.
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Perio Protect honors dentist, hygienist with Orkos Award
Dr. Caron Glickman and Barbara Tritz, RDH, of Duvall, WA are the recipients of the Orkos Award. The Orkos Award honors dental practitioners who have demonstrated professional excellence in treatment for periodontitis or gingivitis.
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"Be Part of the Cure" Campaign Kicks Off National Diabetes Awareness Month
Thousands of people who want to help put an end to diabetes can be part of the cure by participating in the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation's online campaign at
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