White Papers
Progressive Treatment Planning
Periodontal treatment planning requires a combination of the professional’s clinical care, skill, and judgment.
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The State of the Oral Systemic Connection
Treating every patient, every time they are under our care, with any level of perio disease will ensure we are treating people, not oral cavities.
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Therapeutic Endpoint
Redefining the endpoint of therapy to include comparison of pre- and post-operative levels of bacteria is becoming the standard of care.
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A Gut Feeling on Endotoxemia: Causes and Consequences in Chronic Kidney Disease
This review discussed the relationship between chronic inflammation, endotoxemia, and complications of chronic kidney disease.
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Systemic inflammation following non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy
This study evaluated the level of inflammatory markers following non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy. The markers of inflammation were an indication of the level of systemic inflammation following perio therapy.
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Periodontal infection and preterm birth: Successful periodontal therapy reduces the risk of preterm birth.
This study examined the effect of non-surgical periodontal therapy on the rate of preterm birth, defined as delivery prior to 35 weeks gestation.
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Periodontal bacteria and hypertension: the oral infections and vascular disease epidemiology study
This study examined the relationship between periodontal pathogens and hypertension.
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In the news
NYU team to study perio patients for diagnosing early diabetes
A New York University nursing-dental research team will assess the feasibility of using gingival crevicular blood from periodontal patients to gauge hemoglobin A1C as a means of diagnosing diabetes and identifying prediabetes.
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Periodontist emphasizes treatment regardless of omega-3 research
Despite encouraging news about a link between gum disease prevention and the intake of omega 3's that was published recently in the "Journal of the American Dietetic Association," a periodontist stresses that the priority should remain on disease treatment.
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Cardiology journal affirms link to atherosclerotic inflammation
Evidence establishes periodontal disease as an important risk factor for atherosclerosis, and FDG-PET is an established method for measuring metabolic activity in human tissues and blood vessels.
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