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Light Shaping Diffusers for LED

Luminit offers low cost injection molded Light Shaping Diffusers for LED lighting products.

They are available in custom sizes and shapes in a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles.


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Cree’s high-brightness LEDs lower your system cost

Cree’s CLX6A SMD LED has UV inhibitors that minimize the effects of long-term exposure to direct sunlight and features a compact, water-resistant PLCC6 package. Optimized for outdoor full-color video signage and amusement applications, the CLX6A can lower system cost by eliminating the need for a protective cover on the face of the LED. Click to request a sample.

4600 Silicon Drive
Durham, NC 27703

Main: (919) 313-5300

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New low-power LED driver for indoor lighting

Phihong’s new 6W compact, lightweight LED driver powers one or two LEDs. The PDA006A (220-240VAC) and PDA006B (100-120VAC) is available with a constant current of 700mA with an output DC voltage range of 2.5V-7.5V. IP20 rated, RoHS-compliant and halogen-free. Easily integrates into design projects and provides long lasting cost savings.

47800 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538, USA

Tel: 1-510-445-0100

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Cree XLamp®MT-G LED: first LED optimized for MR16

With its high lumen density, excellent thermal management and compact package, Cree's MT-G LED,now available in 6V and 36V options, is optimized for small-form-factor directional applications like MR16 retrofit bulbs. The MT-G achieves amazing color consistency with up to 1550lm in 3000K @ 25W @ 85°C. Get Cree’s MR16 Reference Design.

4600 Silicon Drive
Durham, NC 27703

Main: Tel: (919) 313-5300

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