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LFW Product Showcase
From LFW • January 2012
  ProPhotonix - Booth #1201       Oz Optics Limited - Booth #4501  

ProPhotonix designs and manufactures a wide range of laser modules that are suitable for applications ranging from targeting in the defense industry to patient alignment in specialized medical devices. Among those being demonstrated are: Photon, Industrial, Compact, Green, and TEC models, as well as InViso, our innovative solution for Machine Vision applications.

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Visit our Booth #1201 South Hall - Photonics West 2012

Fiber Optic Components for 2 micron wavelength, High Power Components/ Isolators/Combiners/Patchcords/Connectors/ Intelligent Tunable Laser Diode Sources/Safety Interlocks/Shutters/Optical Coatings, Mode-Field –Adaptor, Laser to Fiber Delivery Components, Adjustable Collimators/Focusers, PM/SM/MM Fused Fiber Couplers, PM Patchcords/Connectors/Splitters/Switch, Polarized Sources, Polarization Rotators/Controllers/Analyzers, Polarizers, Extinction Ratio Meter, Turnkey Laser Diode Sources, Fiber Optic Sensors SNO-PEN, Ultra –Narrow-Line-Width-Stable Laser Source.

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Visit our Booth #4501 - Photonics West 2012
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  IPG Photonics Corp - Booth #1207       Visit us at Photonics West Booth #930  

IPG Photonics is the world leader in fiber lasers, diode lasers & fiber amplifiers operating at 0.5 – 2 microns for applications in Materials Processing, Telecommunications and Scientific Research with the best combination of performance, reliability & price. IPG's 2-5 um mid-IR lasers offer sensing, spectroscopy, materials processing & medical applications. Contact: Bill Shiner (; 508.373.1144

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Visit our Booth #1207- Photonics West 2012

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