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SignalTEK CT Transmission Tester

If you install or maintain data cabling, SignalTEK CT allows you to generate PDF test reports that prove installed links run at Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.
For installers, this means having a cost-effective way to demonstrate that the copper cabling was installed correctly and is capable of supporting Ethernet applications.


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Belden’s new small-diameter 10GXS Cable

10GXS cables are smaller Category 6A cables designed for emerging applications including wireless, security and PoE+. The 25% smaller diameter, fewer pair twists and easy tape removal make terminations easier and faster. 10GXS delivers 100W of PoE, over the full 100m channel. Visit the 10GXS Page for more info.


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Say Goodbye to Cage Nuts

Rackstuds™ are the revolutionary replacement for cage nuts. Rackstuds make it much easier and faster to mount your gear because they go in from the front and provide you with a place to support your equipment, all without tools. Get 30% off on Amazon until the end of April!


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New!-Dressing and terminate cables FASTER

The award winning techtable increases productivity of technicians by up to 24%*. The techtable is a light weight, height adjustable, mobile work station designed by technicians to increase productivity, quality and safety when terminating communications cabling. With quick fit attachments that further reduce the dressing and termination time for copper patch panels, fiber and coaxial cable. See why techtable is the NEW must have tool for technicians.
See demonstration:


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RANDL'S patented 5 Square®

When high speed copper and optical fiber cables are installed, great care must be taken to insure proper cable management and performance. RANDL’S patented 5 Square® Telecommunications box with integral cable management will guarantee minimum bend radius requirements insuring your cable and connector functionality and meet the needs of future technology.


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Free Sample: Lockable CATx Cable

Black Box's CAT6A, CAT6, and CAT5e patch cables offer premium performance and three levels of security depending on the optional locking pin. Shielded and unshielded cables offer bandwidth as high as 650-MHz. Sample kit includes one cable, two optional locking pins, and a removal tool.


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