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Cree’s XLamp® XHP70.2 LED

Cree’s Gen 2 XLamp XHP70.2 Extreme High Power LED delivers up to 9% more lumens and 18% higher LPW than the first XHP70 LED. The XHP70.2 provides up to 58% higher lumen density than the closest competitor LED of the same size, enabling smaller luminaires and better optical control for high-lumen lighting.


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Low-Cost Injection Molded LSDs

Luminit’s injection molded Light Shaping Diffusers® can be produced in a rigid format at prices as low as $1 and are available in a variety of custom sizes, shapes and beam angles. The LSD format offers high transmission efficiency and controlled beam patterns for down lights, PAR and MR formats.

To request a sample, go to http://www.luminitco.com/contact/request-free-sample


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LED In-Grade Retrofit Kits

Vista Architectural Lighting’s retrofit kits deliver many of the same performance advantages of its 1180 In-Grade Series, including magnetic hot aiming and Chip-On-Board LED Technology. Kits are available for the Hydrel® 9100 Series (RK91), M9400 Series (RK94) and M9700 Series (RK97).

Vista Architectural Lighting

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New bi-directional interface from OSRAM

Manufacture smart fixtures using OSRAM DEXAL™ Technology – a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface that enables bi-directional communications between driver and fixture-integrated component. DEXAL provides exact luminaire-specific data, including diagnostics, to light management systems. Fixture manufacturers can design smart luminaires and streamline the configuration process by leveraging DEXAL as a standard communications interface.


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65W & 100W UVDoB™ Modules

Lynk Labs UVDoB (Universal Voltage Driver On Board) Modules operate on 90-300Vac and now available in 30W, 65W and 100Wversions. 0-10V dimming and smart control compatible. Contact sales to learn more at sales@lynklabs.com

Lynk Labs Inc.

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ADURA Horticultural LED Modules combine the most advanced LED technology with SinkPAD™ MCPCB Technology, with the primary focus of solving the thermal demands of high power LEDs. SinkPAD™ MCPCB allowing the implementation of passive cooling, negating the need for a fan and higher quality Grow Light modules.


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Urethane Modified Epoxy Gel System

Master Bond Super Gel 9 is urethane modified epoxy that cures readily at room temperature to form a soft, resilient, gel-like system with excellent dimensional stability. Extremely low viscosity and exotherm enable it to be cast in larger sections up to 2-3 inches thick.

Master Bond

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Get your handheld, portable light meter and become a lighting expert in seconds! The LIGHTING PASSPORT in the perfect tool for LED manufacturers, lighting designers, architects, TV studios, motion pictures & more! CCT, CRI, CQS, Spectrum, TM-30-15, R1-R15, CIE, TLCI, PPFD, LUX, Foot candle. Save records, analyze and compare right on your smart device!


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