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LTF 277V Universal dimming AC LEDs

LTF, leading manufacturer of LED modules and power supplies introduces commercial grade 277V input and AC DOBi products. QLUX modules are universal dimmable 0-10V and phase dimming, exceeding Title 24 requirements for superior color rendering with CRI> 95 and R9 > 71. The ideal solution for fixture manufacturers embracing superior light quality and universal dimming.


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Battery Holders w/ PCB Connectors

Keystone plastic battery holders now include pre-installed PCB Connector Plugs on 6” wires to simplify installations. Molded from Polypropylene or ABS with polarity tabs & markings, these holders accommodate cylindrical batteries from all major manufacturers including AA, AAA, CR2, 12v and N cells for 1 to 4 cell configurations each.

Keystone Electronics Corp.

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Cree® Launches Extreme Density LED

Cree’s XLamp® XD16 LED delivers greater than 280 lm/mm2, the highest of any commercial lighting-class LED. The ceramic-based XD16 LED uses the proven XQ footprint, combines breakthrough lumen density, low optical cross-talk, unsurpassed thermal contact & ease of system manufacturing enabling new lighting designs for color-tuning, street, portable & industrial.


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Superior Thermal Conductivity with Heraeus Sinter Materials

Heraeus Electronics Sinter Materials offer a reliable, robust, and lead free option that can increase the lifetime of a device up to 10 times. This can be realized through Superior thermal conductivity (>100W/mk), precise positioning of LED Chips, a pressure less sintering process, and a decreased risk in voids.

Heraeus Electronics

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MICROTEK™ technology provides optical-grade plastic extrusions with improved light distributions, beam quality and increased efficiency. Standard or custom shapes and form factors for use as continuous run or snap-in lenses. Enhanced reliability and lifetime performance via ColorSure™ technology. Manufacturing in USA. Low tooling costs with significant high volume price breaks.

Fusion Optix, Inc.

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The revolutionary WICOP (Wafer Integrated Chip On Package) LED Series represents a two-generation advance in high power technology, with packaging & performance that deliver best in class Color Over Angle, 10% higher brightness, and 20% lower cost than conventional “3535” high power LEDs, enabling radically smaller, lighter, less expensive luminaire designs.


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System Cures with UV Light & Heat

Master Bond UV15-7DCNV is a one component, dual cure UV system for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation. This system features a primary cure utilizing UV light and a secondary cure that requires heating for curing “shadowed out” sections that are not exposed to UV light.

Master Bond

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LED & Lighting Industry Guide

The LED & Lighting Industry Guide is a comprehensive resource for LED and SSL professionals who need detailed data on products, systems, services, and vendors. Find the latest business and product announcements from listed companies, search by product or application, or create a new listing. Our up-to-date online database is available 24/7.

Industry Guide

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