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FLEx offers a new high performance optical system that can work with an RLCD to create a display that’s ~ 90% more efficient than the standard backlit LCD. With the recent advancements in the mature tech of RLCD, you can move away from the backlight today.
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SMART RGB LED with Built-in IC

American Bright's new RGB PLCC is a smart LED light source that includes the control and RGB chip in one package allowing for each LED to be addressable. These RGB LEDs with operate at a low power consumption of 0.2W (max: 1W) and are available in 5050 and 3528 case sizes. Other features include synchronous of two-lane and an 8-bit (256 level) color set.

American Bright

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Extreme Angle Diffuser on Mini Rolls

Luminit offers a 90° x 10° Light Shaping Diffuser® on seamless rolls or mini roll formats to accommodate narrow linear fixtures. Useful for applications with a specific target plane, such as wall-wash, linear, wall-graze, and cove lighting, this extreme elliptical angle diffuser offers a competitively-priced solution for large formats and volumes.


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ebm-papst LED Cooling Solutions

Active cooling technology offers thermal capabilities with inaudible noise that's superior to passive heat sinks and raises performance while reducing the size of the lighting fixture. With an industry-leading, German-engineered compact fan and an American-designed assembly, ebm-papst can provide the most reliable solution for your LED cooling problems.


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MICROTEK™ technology provides optical-grade plastic extrusions with improved efficiency, uniformity and light distributions. Enhanced color reliability and lifetime performance via ColorSure™ technology. Standard profiles available in range of form factors for use as continuous run, snap-in or slide-in lenses. Low tooling and engineering costs for custom profiles. Significant high volume price breaks. Manufacturing based 100% in USA.

Fusion Optix, Inc.

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ADURA 47.5 inch Color Tuning Linear Module

ADURA offers new Linear Color Tuning LED Modules for General Lighting using MCPCB for mid & low power LEDs. Offering 2000K-6500K CCT, with CRI options of 70+, 80+, 90+. The modules produces 4000-6000 lumen at different CCT / CRI options.


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XLamp® XP-G2 High Efficacy LEDs

Cree’s High Efficacy XLamp® XP-G2 LED offers improved performance over standard XP-G2 LEDs, enabling smaller, lighter, lower-cost designs. A drop-in upgrade for existing XP-G2 LED systems, the XP-G2 HE LED delivers 25% greater output via a higher maximum current of 2000 mA, up to 9% higher efficacy and lower thermal resistance.


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SensiLUM™ Wireless Integrated Sensor

The OSRAM SensiLUM™ wireless integrated sensors are compatible with the ENCELIUM EXTEND system, creating a sensor-rich smart network that customers can leverage as their technology infrastructure for entry into smart building and IoT applications. Existing ENCELIUM Networked LMS sites can be upgraded quickly and easily.

OSRAM Digital Systems

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Portable Fuse Cutter

This Portable Fuse Cutter is a fraction of the cost of a standard tabletop fuse cutting machine and you can easily take it into the field! It’s portable, easy to use, and cuts aircraft cable in seconds, while naturally forming a solid end so that wires will not split and fray.

Griplock Systems

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