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New: Waterproof RJ45 Couplers

There are those installs where your Ethernet connections will need ruggedized protection due to exposure to water, dust, corrosion, harsh elements, and vibration. An easy and simple solution is Platinum Tools Waterproof RJ45 Coupler System rated to meet those harsh environmental conditions commonly found in outdoor and indoor installs. See us at ISC WEST #6035


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Limited space? Try Vis Divide.

Vis™ Divide, a product of Milliken Cable Management, is a segmented HDPE rigid conduit that’s perfect for limited space or future proofing. By providing dedicated pathways for more than one cable using a fabric divider molded directly into the conduit, Vis Divide gives you options for maximizing your infrastructure network.


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Triple your density with SN™ connector

SENKO's SN™ connector, utilizing standard LC Ferrule technology, the duplex connector allows you to triple the density compared to the conventional LC Connectors. The SN™ is also designed to fit 4 of the duplex connectors in one QSFP footprint transceiver for direct breakout. Increasing your density, while still exceeding GR-326 requirements.


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