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Opening Plenary Session

The Waterpower XVI event, held the last week of July in Spokane, Wash., attracted 2,149 attendees from more than 40 countries. Delegates enjoyed a week of educational sessions, technical paper presentations, a trade exhibition, technical tours, professional meetings, and other events.

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Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services

Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services Inc. (HCMS), an exhibitor at Waterpower, offers a variety of services to the hydroelectric industry. The company can provide expertise in routine maintenance, a complete unit overhaul, and troubleshooting problems. HCMS’ team has accumulated more than 580 years of experience in the hydro industry.

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At the event, Ludeca Inc. featured its Permaplumb shaft plumbness tool. This tool uses a laser transducer to align a vertical turbine or pump. Only 14 inches of axial space is required to allow measurement using this tool, which provides a resolution of better than 0.00002 inch per foot.

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Hydroscreen Co. LLC, an exhibitor at Waterpower, provides Coanda hydro intake installations. These screens can be used on large and small hydro intakes to protect turbines from wear and damage. Hydroscreen can design and fabricate screens for flows from 0.02 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 1,000 cfs.

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