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LED Lighting Products

Since being awarded UL, CE, FCC, LVD, RoHS and Laser testing, ALT continues designing high quality LED lighting products, having just launched a range of new high performance AC dimmable MR16, as well as other products such as MR16 globes, T8 LED tubes, and high brightness MR16. The powerful AC dimmable MR16 series includes the following features:

  • Proprietary dimming technology
  • Optimised LED structural design
  • Patented heat dissipation design and power supply design
  • AC LED dimmable
  • Smooth dimming function

    Aeon Lighting Technology Inc
    Tel: +886-2-8226-1289 #3000

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  • High Performance Optics

    High Performance Optics for High Performance Lighting
    Fusion Optix diffusers are now available in a range of form factors. Our highly efficient diffuser films are converted into shapes such as domes, tubes, bulb covers, and rigid flat lenses in custom sizes. High quality, high performance optics for high performance lighting. Contact us for samples or send us a drawing for a quote.

    Fusion Optix, Inc
    19 Wheeling Avenue
    Woburn, MA 01801

    Tel: +1 781.995.0805

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    Injection Molded LSD™ Lenses

    Luminit now offers its high transmission Light Shaping Diffusers in a rigid injection molded version to address the high volume and cost efficient lighting applications in recessed can, PAR and MR formats. Luminit is also able to implement snap-in clips as part of the designs.

    1850 W. 205th Street
    Torrance, CA 90501

    Tel: +310-320-1066 ext 6

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    Recessed LED Light - SHINER

    T Bar 2 × 2 ft. Recessed LED Light - SHINER

  • Commercial use : office, bank, hospital, education institution, warehouse, retail store…etc.
  • For new or retrofitting traditional 2 × 4 fluorescent lighting with easy installation and low maintenance
  • Power consumption : 30W / 40W
  • Luminous Flux : 2200 lm / 2800 lm
  • Color Rendering Index : >70
  • Dimension : 2 × 2 ft (1 × 2 ft and 1 × 4 ft also available)
  • Weight : 10 lbs

    Foxsemicon Integrated Technology Inc.
    96 Bonaventura Drive,
    San Jose, CA 95134

    Tel: +1 408-383-9880

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  • Specifically Designed For Illumination

    Real LED Lighting (SSL) — Specifically Designed For Illumination

  • Single 10W LED in multi-chip package
  • Unique cooling system
  • High-performance optical reflector
  • Perfectly matched LED and driver
  • High CRI, high-brightness output
    Many years of dedicated research results in an LED light source integrated with thermal, optical, drivers and control, to maintain consistent, high-quality performance for SSL products.

    DOMAG LED Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • BTS256-LED Spectrolightmeter

    The hand-held BTS256-LED measures lumens, lux, color and spectral data of board mounted single LEDs, LED arrays, modules and fixtures.
    It features GO’s BiTec sensor (filter photometric detector plus diode array spectrometer) set-up on a 50mm integrating sphere, built-in kinetic shutter, LED auxiliary lamp and pulse synch mode. The BTS256 bayonet mount allows its use on larger size spheres.

    Gigahertz-Optik Inc
    Tel: +1-978-462-1818

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    Surface-mount LEDs are Reflowable

    Elma's surface mount LEDs and light guides withstand the high temperatures of solder reflow, saving manufacturing steps and assembly time. Our superior quality illumination, light consistency, and reliability make Elma the premiere choice. Wide selection with customization in any volume. Visit Elma today.

    ELMA Electronics
    Tel: +510.656.3400

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    Direction Turning Film

    Luminit high transmission Direction Turning Films can be used in lighting fixtures to direct the light beam toward a wall, a walkway or other target. They can also be combined with Light Shaping Diffuser angles to direct, shape and diffuse the light.

    1850 W. 205th Street
    Torrance, CA 90501

    Tel: +310-320-1066 ext 6

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