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Production Optimization / SS Enclosures / IR Flame Detectors / Ultrasonic Indicators
Production optimization consulting
POC: Production Optimization Consulting group is launched to enable proactive production management. Consultants collaborate with operators to achieve single-well or full-field optimization. Following comprehensive analysis of a well or field, they recommend the most suitable artificial lift systems, surface and downhole sensors, controllers, production-optimization software, and workflow appropriate to assets. POC is applicable to a wide range of fields including conventional, unconventional shale, and heavy oil.
Weatherford Houston
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SS wall-mount enclosures take wash down
Waterfall Series wall-mounted enclosures accommodate installation where wash down is key. UL and CSA-certified enclosures are to NEMA 3R, 4, 4X, and 12 (IEC60529 IP66) in 18 sizes from 16x12x8 through 60x36x16-in. 304 or 316 SS. Various lengths of stainless wall mount standoffs are available as standard accessories including fixed or variable length. Painted or galvanized inner mounting panels are specified separately as are a wide choice of gland plate, window, or climate control accessories.
Hammond Manufacturing Company Incorporated: Cheektowaga NY
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IR flame detector now identifies more fuel types
X3301 Multispectrum infrared flame detectors are enhanced to deliver increased field-of-view, longer detection range, and third-party approval to detect the greatest number of fuel types. The IR flame detector has third-party certification to 265 ft / 81 m on-axis for n-heptane. It is certified to respond to 1-by-1-foot n-heptane fire as fast as 3-seconds. X3301 enhancements also include “the widest level of coverage across all supported fuel types, exceeding NFPA 72 requirements for on and off-axis detection (field-of-view).” It is SIL 2 capable and performance certified to FM 3260 for a broad range of fuels.
Det-Tronics: Minneapolis MN
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Watertight ultrasonic indicators
PORTASCANNER hand-held ultrasonic indicators offer watertight and weathertight integrity with compartment doors suiting them for offshore oil and gas rigs, platforms, or supply vessels. These Classification Society Approved instruments offer outstanding ±0.06-mm accuracy. They’re designed to provide quick tests for leaks on any vessel type with option for hands-free usability. Models also test multiple cable transit areas and hatch covers. They deliver precise results with triple display in all applications.
Coltraco Ultrasonics Limited: London
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Filtration & Separation / Cross-Functional Software / Upstream Chemicals / Setting Tools
Filtration and separation systems, elements, housings
Filters for fluid technology, air filtration, process technology, separation, and water are showcased in this free brochure. Dust filter cartridges, high-end cartridge and Topchange filter elements, high-end cartridge filter housings, and ProGuard systems are cited to serve 11 industries including oil and gas. Designs accomplish filtration in gas and amine, coalescing, petrochemicals, oil production, crude oil dewatering, and surface water treatment.
MAHLE Industrial Filtration USA Incorporated: Nowata OK
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Centralized cross-functional integrated oil & gas software
Oplii operations management software is presented in this free pamphlet as “connecting the office and the oilfield.” Its eight modules are cited to centralize operations data in a lean, cross-functional and integrated online software platform. Designed to stop information segregation, the product is emphasized to help take control of sites, equipment, inspections, work orders, structures, pipeline, incidents, and projects.
Oplii: Calgary
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Environmentally responsible upstream specialty chemicals
Specialty upstream chemical are described and charted in this free brochure as “environmentally responsible” for drilling, production, stimulation, and unconventional oil and gas recovery. Eight products are presented in tabular format with more than 50 formulations. These include corrosion inhibitors, biocides, defoamers, surfactants, dispersants, emulsifiers, chlorine stabilizer, and chemical intermediates. Each is cited as to status as CEFAS approved, BPD supported substance, or EPA and PMRA registered.
Lonza Incorporated: Allendale NJ
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Single, multi-stage setting tools
T-SET setting tools are illustrated, described, and specified in this free six-page brochure. Size 05 - 10 - 20 series features case hardened pressure cylinders and black-oxide-coated components to deliver greater surface hardness and increased abrasive wear as well as improved corrosion and chemical resistance. Compact single-stage and multi-stage T-SETS are presented as to features, benefits, and specifications.
Hunting Energy Services: Houston
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