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'Growing EMS Leaders' Keynote Opens 2016 Pinnacle Conference

David Page is recipient of Pinnacle Leadership Award, presented at the Fitch & Associates 2016 Pinnacle EMS leadership conference in San Antonio, Texas. More»


Protecting Confidentiality Following Communicable Disease Exposures

Reassess current practice of including communicable disease exposures in incident reports in light of confidentiality requirements of American employment law. More»


Documentation Tips for Medicare Part B Providers

Recently, it seems Medicare reviewers are not getting a clear picture of why EMS is being called to the scene. More»


Responding to the Call for Interprofessionalism

Interprofessionalism occurs when multiple healthcare workers of different professional backgrounds come together to learn and collaborate on ways to develop the highest quality of care. More»

National Data Collection Efforts Pose Challenges for Many EMS Agencies

The responsibility for national data collection is often passed on to local EMS agencies, presenting challenges for EMS leadership to overcome. More»


The Thin Blue Line

How EMS and fire agencies can support and strengthen law enforcement effots during challenging times. More»


Register to Join our Large System Survey

Join fellow EMS leaders and register for our annual Large System Survey. Survey results will give insight into leading trends of the most powerful EMS organizations in the country. More»


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