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Monthly Recap


Economic Models for EMS 3.0

Part one of a series analyzing the true cost of EMS, and how agencies can transition their care to better recuperate those costs. More»


How to Write Good Patient Care Reports, Part 1: Collecting Patient Information

Encourage your staff or colleagues to use these criteria as guidelines to writing complete and accurate PCRs that reduce the chance of insurance denials. More»


Legal Issues Associated with the Prehospital Care of Sepsis Patients

Important legal considerations for EMS systems to prevent liability as they tackle sepsis care in the prehospital environment. More»


Bullying in the Healthcare Industry

A review of research on workplace bullying in the healthcare environment, and policy recommendations to help protect victims, patients and employers. More»


Paramedics Plus Announces New Director of Quality and Clinical Services

Paramedics Plus, the 911 ambulance service provider for Alameda County, has hired Kimberly Lacina as director of quality and clinical services. Lacina leads Paramedics Plus’ clinical services department, which focuses on excellence in patient care. More»


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