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Beyond Lights & Sirens: Improving Quality of Care in EMS

To shift focus away from response times and toward quality of care and outcomes, Allina Health Emergency Medical Services implemented the concept of an annual Care Goal as part of its yearly organizational goals. More»


AAA Names Medicare Relief & Reform Top Priority for 2017

This is a critical year for the legislative efforts of the American Ambulance Association and our members. To be successful, we will need all of your help in reaching out to your members of Congress. More»


Integrating Provider Resilience into EMS System and Community Resilience

A rural EMS system's experience in addressing provider resilience and integrating treatment into standard protocols. More»


Astronaut Mark Kelly Describes His Experience in EMS

In a recent interview for Angel MedFlight air ambulance services, astronaut Mark Kelly describes his early EMS experience and how it shaped the course of his career. More»


How Unspecified Codes Lead to Claim Denials, and What To Do About It

Follow these simple tips to help you be more specific in your EMS patient care reports and reduce the chance of insurance claim denials. More»


Healthcare Fraud Prevention Under the Trump Administration

Documentation training is the only way to reduce the risk associated with the greater scrutiny that we believe all healthcare providers will face in the next four years. More»


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