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New Mexico Case Underscores the Importance of EMS Collaboration with Law Enforcement

EMS attorneys W. Ann "Winnie" Maggiore and Doug Wolfberg discuss lessons learned from a case in New Mexico where a paramedic was arrested and charged with battery on a peace officer after a misunderstanding with police officers. More»


How Ambulance Billing Services Can Increase Revenue and Maximize Compliance

Mark Schiowitz, president and CEO of Digitech makes his case for outsourcing ambulance billing, a distinctly different business than emergency medical transport. Schiowitz reviews the risks, protections and bottom-line implications of outsourced vs. in-house billing. More»


Community Paramedicine Implementation Guide Being Developed for Fire-Based EMS

The National Fire Protection Association is developing a guide to provide direction to agencies supporting the EMS mission for planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating community healthcare programs in an effort to meet the changing needs of the communities they serve. More»


Striving Toward Evidence-Based EMS Performance Measures

Measuring customer satisfaction can impact hospital reimbursements, but we must be careful how we use patient satisfaction to drive performance. And if we’re to held to process measures like response times then we should use evidence-based measures. More»


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