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The Importance of Testing Systems and Processes for Improvement…Literally

Whether it be patient care, a billing process, a resupply process, a deployment process, a response process, a training process and so on, sitting in the seat of focus (what the process or system is designed to address) provides you with a rather unique perspective. More»


Supporting Patients Overseas: A Guide to Repatriating Patients Back to the U.S.

Transporting patients back for care in the United States can actually be extremely difficult due to insurance coverage, protocol at regional facilities and the patient’s condition. More»


Use of Force on Persons in Medical Emergencies

EMS personnel are often entangled in these encounters while trying to treat mentally ill or cognitively impaired patients. Whether force can be used by police, or chemical restraints used by EMS, is an issue courts have recently considered. More»


4 Tips to Handle Changes to Medicare Cards in 2018

This change is going to affect all providers, including EMS providers. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive, so follow these 4 tips to help your service be better prepared for the changes. More»


Connect Your State to the First Nationwide Broadband Network for EMS

Commercial wireless broadband, which is what’s primarily used for data in ambulances today, doesn’t give any priority in its use to EMS or other public safety systems, making it less than ideal for patient-critical communications. More»


EMS Agenda 2050 Solicits Feedback on Straw Man Document

The Straw Man document may differ from what many members of the EMS community are used to seeing as part of national projects. More»


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