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What Makes a Great EMS Organization?

My answer to this question for decades has always consisted of a time-tested recipe associated with High-Performing EMS agencies that utilized “smart” business practices to empower what I have come to call the “EMS Success Triad:” The ability to balance patient care, employee well-being and long term financial sustainability. More»


Using Hospital Outcome Data to Improve Field Performance: An Interview with Paul Misasi, Sedgwick County (Kan.) EMS

Paul Misasi, Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Manager for Sedgwick County (KS) EMS, explains how they use data and how they were able to use technology to overcome challenges to getting outcome data. Sedgwick County EMS (SCEMS) is a third service agency, and with 64,000 calls per year is the the busiest in the state, using 21 paramedic units to serve 1,000 square miles and 500,000 people. More»


Are the Current Trends in Paramedic Education Doing More Harm Than Good?

The current paradigm of paramedic education treats our work as subtext on a curriculum vitae rather than as a career path. More»


Key Steps in Implementing a Project

Why is it that good ideas often fail to materialize into projects? Many of us ask these questions when we come home from conferences—and then we hit a wall of resistance. Using some of the suggestions outlined in this article may help you gain senior management’s consideration of your next big idea, and help you successfully implement projects. More»


The Cost of Prehospital Cardiac Arrest Care

Little is known about the real economic impact of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and true cost of optimal care. More»


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