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Aetna/CVS Deal May Finally Change Ambulance Industry

The recent merger of Aetna and CVS may be the catalyst that finally brings the change that the ambulance industry has been consistently advocating for—reimbursement to EMS for transporting patients to facilities other than hospital EDs. More»


Getting the Most Out of Your EMS Billing: An Interview with Anthony Minge, EdD, Fitch & Associates

Anthony Minge, EdD, a partner with Fitch & Associates, has extensive experience in healthcare finance, billing and collections and says that many officials see revenue from EMS transports as a fixed number and feel a false sense of security by outsourcing billing. More»


#MeToo: Sexual Harassment in EMS

A renewed focus on sexual harassment requires all organizations and employers—including volunteer and career EMS agencies—to re-evaluate their policies, assess workplace culture, conduct regular workplace training programs, and respond promptly and effectively to complaints of unlawful harassment. More»


Development and Revision of Company Policies

Derrick E. Jacobus, FP-C, MA, discusses the importance of policies and the initial steps to take in their development. More»


NAEMSE Position Paper on Community Paramedicine and Mobile Integrated Healthcare

The National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) has adopted several positions on community paramedicine (CP) and mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) services, organizations, professional practices, education and the roles of EMS educators with regards to MIH-CP programs. More»


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