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Just Culture & High Reliability

Just Culture & High Reliability are two concepts that can improve your agency while reducing injuries, accidents and cost. This article details how an organization successfully integrated Just Culture and sustained success for more than seven years and counting. More»


Event Medics: Out On A Limb

The average EMT or paramedic can’t buy an ambulance, stock it however they’d like, operate it without medical direction, and go into business for themselves answering emergency calls. Yet, in many states and many settings, event medics are doing just that. This article will explore the legal ramifications of EMS personnel attempting to freelance by providing services at events where they're not part of a recognized EMS service, and have no physician supervision. More»


FirstNet Has Arrived: What EMS Professionals Need to Know about Public Safety’s Broadband Network

For many years, conversations about the promise of FirstNet, the nationwide public safety broadband network,included lots of “whens” and “ifs." Today, it’s exciting to no longer have to say this groundbreaking tool is coming soon. FirstNet has arrived. Now that FirstNet is here, this is what public safety should know about it. More»


The Role of the Federal Government in EMS: An Interview with Gregg Margolis, PhD

During his decades in emergency medicine, education and health policy, Margolis worked on numerous projects of national importance. Last fall, Margolis returned to the private sector at the National Academy of Medicine. We spoke with Dr. Margolis about the role of the federal government in EMS, the future of EMS education and how to enact policy change More»


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