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It's Time For A Culture Change in EMS: What Managers Must Focus on to Become 21st Century Leaders

As a leader, the number one question we should be asking is, “Why are paramedics, who have decades of experience, not dedicating their time to one place?” If you haven’t asked yourself this question, or you choose to disregard it, you may be part of the reason why paramedics leave. More»


A Mission & A Passion: An Interview with Drew Dawson, Interim Executive Director of NREMT

Since its founding, the National Registry has been focused on maintaining the integrity of the EMS profession. However, the perception of its role can sometimes vary from one EMS professional to the next. In an interview, Dawson addressed core principles of the National Registry and clarified its commitment and importance to both individual professionals and the industry as a whole. More»


Ambulance Cost Data Collection is Coming

For the past six years, the AAA has been preparing for the requirement that ambulance service suppliers and providers would need to furnish cost data to CMS. Although the possibility of your organization being selected to provide data is a couple of years away, it's important that you start preparing now. More»


Just Culture & High Reliability: Steps to a More Reliable Organization

A bad thing happens. We investigate. Someone is held accountable. We write some new policies. Promise that this “will never happen again.” Rinse. Repeat. The third article in our Just Culture series will address some of the fundamental problems we face when integrating safety culture and reliability concepts into the fabric of the organization. Larry Boxman, EMT-P, and Paul LeSage, EMT-P, BA, AS, MIS, discuss where you might start, realistic timeframes and potential opportunities. More»


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