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Why the Energy Industry Needs to Overcome Its Digital Reluctance

$subtitles.get($x) Mobile technology can transform your business processes and ensure compliance while increasing productivity and improving service quality.


Diffuse Large Light Panels Deliver 10 Times the Power

$subtitles.get($x) Work lights: Smart Vision Lights is launching the LLPX and the LLPX-H Series—second generations of the LLP backlight and LLP-H diffuse ring light panel, respectively—that allow for more intensity with the same familiar ease of mounting, along with a MultiDrive controller that delivers up to 10 times the power vs. continuous wave (CW) operation.


RSA-35 for Westinghouse 11-300 MCC Bucket

$subtitles.get($x) CBS ArcSafe, a manufacturer of remote racking and switching solutions for low- and medium-voltage switchgear, offers its remote switch actuator (RSA) for the Westinghouse motor control center bucket.

ARS607 Hydraulic Puller for Underground Pulling Applications

$subtitles.get($x) Construction equipment: Condux Tesmec’s ARS607 hydraulic puller is for a wide range of underground pulling applications including power transmission and distribution cable installation, telecom and fiber.

Professional Installation and Upfit Guide for Fleet Mobility

$subtitles.get($x) Havis whitepaper: As vehicle technologies evolve, your fleet will need a strategic upfit plan and this is something you should do with very careful consideration. Proper installation leads to safer, more productive workers, while an upfit done without proper planning can do the opposite.


Voltage Detector Detects, Alerts Utility Personnel of Strong Electric Field Presence

$subtitles.get($x) HD Electric Co., a Textron Inc. company, offers the Watchman Work Area Voltage Detector, designed to detect and alert trained utility personnel working on or near high voltage systems of strong electric fields surrounding high voltage conductors and power distribution equipment.

Safety BrushBlade Combines Two Tools in One, Helps Linemen Decrease Outages

$subtitles.get($x) Utility tools: MADI’s Safety BrushBlade combines two tools into one and helps linemen decrease outages, minimize open neutrals and bad connections, and create significant savings by brushing conductors properly. The two tools are a knife and an integrated wire brush.

Correction: Overcurrent Protection Testing

$subtitles.get($x) The simplest form of overcurrent protection is a fuse. Fuses can only be used once and the maximum current that a fuse can interrupt is limited. Thus fuses are only used in low voltage systems and in some medium voltage systems. High voltage systems use a protective system consisting of circuit breakers, current transformers and protective relays instead.

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