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Havis Offers Professional Installation and Upfit Guide for Fleet Mobility

As vehicle technologies evolve, your fleet will need a strategic upfit plan and this is something you should do with very careful consideration. Proper installation leads to safer, more productive workers, while an upfit done without proper planning can do the opposite.

There are several factors to consider before your fleet’s next mobile office upfit, including vehicle make and model, type of equipment going in, end user needs and how the equipment will be installed.

This new whitepaper will help you better communicate your needs, and develop a strategic plan for new vehicles, fleet refresh, or equipment upgrades. To learn more about choosing the right partner for your upfit and installation, download today.


Creating a Culture of Safety

$subtitles.get($x) Safety on the job is a contractor’s top priority, but when time and budget constraints get tight, employees can sometimes cut corners and skip over safety protocols to get the job done. To ensure proper and consistent adherence to safe electrical practices, business leaders must create a culture of safety where all employees are encouraged and supported to make the right decisions about electrical safety.


UCT-8 Underground Cable Fault Tester is a Lightweight One-piece Tool

$subtitles.get($x) Test equipment: HD Electric Co., a Textron Inc. company, now offers its new Underground Cable Fault Tester, the UCT-8, a lightweight one-piece tool that is used to test underground de-energized primary shielded voltage cables for faults.

Safety Clothing: New Flame Resistant Jeans Combine Both Protection and Comfort

$subtitles.get($x) Workrite Uniform Co. developed a new Dickies FR denim jean line using Mount Vernon FR’s flame resistant (FR) fabric. The mid-weight denim collection features a 13-oz. FR fabric from Mount Vernon FR called Mustang Flex, combining both protection and comfort.

Mini-Jarraff Rear Lot, Residential Tree Trimmer

$subtitles.get($x) Line maintenance: Jarraff Industries’ Mini-Jarraff Rear Lot Trimmer is specifically designed for residential and municipal tree trimming. A minimal footprint and compact profile allow the Mini-Jarraff to operate in areas where only climbing crews could go before.


New RSA-186 Remote Switch Actuator for Westinghouse Type ADM Disconnect Switch

$subtitles.get($x) CBS ArcSafe, a manufacturer of remote racking and switching solutions for low- and medium-voltage switchgear, introduces its remote switch actuator (RSA) for the Westinghouse Type ADM disconnect switch.

Safety Products: Utility Inspection System Offers Optional 40X Zoom

$subtitles.get($x) The Zistos Utility Inspection System is designed to perform safe visual inspections from street level of underground vaults, pipes and manholes, for maintenance conditions, cracks and corrosion without a confined space entry.

Line Maintenance: SH280 Stump Hog for FTX128 Track Carrier

$subtitles.get($x) Fecon’s SH280 Stump Hog stump grinder is available for its versatile FTX128 track carrier. The SH280 Stump Hog brings high performance and robust construction to the job when powered by the 60-GPM/4,600-PSI high flow of the FTX128.

Perimeter Insect Guard Garments

$subtitles.get($x) Tyndale’s non-flammable repellent is safe for use with FR clothing and repels insects for 50 plus launderings.

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