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Design and Stability of Direct-Embedded Structures

$subtitles.get($x) Foundation design, as we all know, is important to any overhead structure. Most of our distribution poles are direct-embedded structures, so the structural integrity of our distribution system depends on reliable structure design and foundation design.


UNITAP Heavy Duty Series Multi-tap and In-line Splice Reducers

$subtitles.get($x) Utility supplies: BURNDY, a manufacturer and provider of mechanical connector solutions to the construction, industrial, solar, OEM, energy, data center and transportation industries, announces the addition of a Heavy Duty Series of multi-tap and in-line splice reducers to the UNITAP line of insulated connectors


Voltage testers compliant with IEC 61243-3 Edition 2

$subtitles.get($x) Test equipment: AEMC introduces new voltage testers, Models C.A 771 and C.A 773, essential tools for electricians to ensure voltage is not present before working on any electrical equipment or installation connected to the electrical system.

Construction Equipment: Stringing and Underground Equipment Introduced

$subtitles.get($x) Condux Tesmec’s new ARS610 puller tensioners and underground pullers, which will be on display at ICUEE 2017, provide more than 10 tons of pulling force and are for a wide range of underground pulling applications including power transmission and distribution cable installation, telecom and fiber.

Test Equipment: SF6 Gas Leak Detector Reduces Potential Utility Equipment Damage

$subtitles.get($x) Fluke Ti450 SF6 Gas Leak Detector combines a high-quality infrared camera with an SF6 leak detector that visually pinpoints the location ofSF6 leaks without shutting down equipment

Utility Tools: Next Generation Battery-powered Hydraulic Tools

$subtitles.get($x) Greenlee Textron offers its Next Generation battery-powered hydraulic tools. The design of these tools includes real-time communication technology, improved ergonomics, focused on optimizing the tool’s center of gravity for the comfort of the worker, and a longer battery life supplied by an enhanced Makita platform.

Remote Switch Actuator for GE Power Break Insulated Case Circuit Breaker

$subtitles.get($x) CBS ArcSafe, a manufacturer of remote racking and switching solutions for low- and medium-voltage switchgear, introduces its remote switch actuator for the General Electric Power Break insulated case circuit breaker.

New Line of Accessories Engineered Specifically for Linemen

$subtitles.get($x) Utility supplies: Milwaukee Tool offers new Shockwave Lineman’s Accessories, including impact auger bits, 3-in-1 distribution and transmission utility sockets, and a 7/16 in. hex to 1/2 in. square impact socket adapter.

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