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Under One Roof
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January 26, 2007    


Most popular RDH eVillage article
If you missed it the first time, here's the most popular article from 2005, according to Internet data tracking.

Reader's Comments
Reader passionately disagrees with RDH eVillage Director's editorial on food labeling.

Practical Hygiene Applications

Kimberly Bell, RDH, discusses Career Flow Retreat in the For Students Only section below. She attended the career-building conference on a Sonicare scholarship.
New oral health curriculum for children
Click here for ideas and resources for National Children's Dental Health Month.

Lung cancer care for women
Scientists describe urgent need for increased awareness and research funding to improve lung cancer care, particularly in women.

Awards Programs
6th Annual Award of Distinction
Click here to nominate yourself or a colleague

5th Annual Mentor of the Year Award

Click here to submit your nomination

It's Your Life

RDH needs a team of dentists for FM reconstruction
Victim of Evan's Syndrome needs help recovering from bone loss after prednisone use.

For Students Only

Scholarship allows recipients to examine dental hygiene options
Sonicare funds scholarships to Career Flow Retreats.

LSU dental school to return to New Orleans in 2007
Alternative location and return to home leads to improved access to care and plans for expanded services.

Useful Links

February is American Heart Month
The National Safety Council advocates prevention, education, and emergency response training.

Black History Month
A variety of articles, demographic information, and trivia questions highlight this site.

Kids ENT  -

The 100th Day of School Activities  -

National Women's Heart Health Day  -

National Children's Dental Health Month  -

Unique ePerspective

How can professionals learn the truth about one of the hottest topics in dental hygiene?

What is the controversy behind Suzanne Somers?

Participate in Our Community Blog, hosted by Anne Nugent Guignon, RDH, MPH

Under One Roof

Catch the "Red, White & You" Express here
Click on this link for immediate access to the RDH Under One Roof Web site. The agenda and registration information is available for your review.


Colorvue Probes
Markings on probe enhance visibility...

"Browse" SmartPractice gloves
Web site helps find the right gloves for you...

DioxiRinse Mouthwash
Rinsing process uses oxidation...

Attached bottle adds to interproximal brush's efficacy...


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