April 18, 2008

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Organ Donation: A Crisis Among Minorities

Vision Loss a Key Issue for Aging Women

Taking Care of Mom: Why You Shouldn't Ignore Stress

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Medicare Fraud or Poor Practice Management?

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PennWell and WDeJ launch new jobs site

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Women Can Cook

Chef Paul Tinaglia, chef instructor from Kendall Culinary College in Chicago, offers his recipe for Capponatta in this "Women Can Cook" section of Woman Dentist Journal.
Organizing Tips for a Headache-Free Summer Vacation

Studies show Americans are working harder and longer than ever. This places a higher premium on vacation time. But for most, preparing for and going on a break can prove just as hectic as staying home. Preparation and organization are the keys to a delightful getaway.

The University of Iowa’s College of Dentistry is searching for a full-time clinical or tenure track faculty in Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology & Medicine. For duties go to: www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/public/
administration/hr_search.html. Position available July 1, 2008; screening begins immediately. DDS/DMD from ADA-accredited dental school or foreign equivalent; completion of ADA-accredited advanced training program in Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology; record of effective teaching; and evidence of research/scholarly activity. Desirable qualifications: Board certification by American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology and experience in clinical diagnosis/treatment planning. Rank/track/salary commensurate with qualifications/experience. Submit CV and three names of reference to: Dr. Steven Vincent, Professor and Head, Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine, College of Dentistry, The University of Iowa, 356 Dental Science South, Iowa City, IA 52242-1001. AA/EEO employer; women/minorities encouraged to apply.

Leading Off
Editor's Note: "Me-time Opportunities When You Aren't Looking"
We all volunteer in one way or another. Some of us donate dental services or do the occasional dental health presentation for a kindergarten class. I have been a professional volunteer my entire adult life. There are an abundance of great reasons to be involved. One of my most...
WDJ Cover Highlight — Melanie Emerson, DDS
WDJ Editor Sheri Doniger interviews Dr. Melanie Emerson, a general dentist in Midwest City, Oklahoma, who started practicing dentistry the day after she got her license. Read on to get to know her better ...
Women of State Dental Associations
Woman Dentist Journal Editor Dr. Sheri Doniger interviews three past-presidents of state dental associations — Eva C. Dahl, DDS, MS (Wisconsin Dental Association); Linda K. Himmelberger, DMD (Pennsylvania Dental Association); and Rhonda Savage, DDS (Washington State...
Dr. Sheri Doniger highlights three products: Miltex DenLite, AXIS NTI® PDQ2 Single Step Composite Polisher, and Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day on April 24 (www.daughtersandsonstowork.org)...
Adhesives — A Dynamic Field of Interest
In the age of adhesive dentistry, restorative techniques are now based on retention of tooth-colored materials with conservative preparations. The goal has been to develop durable and reliable adhesion between the restoration and the tooth. Adhesives in dentistry continue to...
Uses of the Dental Operating Microscope: An Endodontic Perspective
The dental operating microscope provides many benefits through magnification and illumination and is used routinely in endodontics in myriad ways. It is considered to be such an essential part of the endodontic armamentarium that since 1998, the American Association of Endodontists...
Impact Interviewing: How To Effectively Influence the Process
The need for dentists, hygienists, assistants, business staff, and lab technicians is at an all-time high. The patient base is growing and the number of professionals within the dental profession appears to be shrinking by comparison. How does a professional applying for a position...
Application of CBCT to the Temporomandibular Joint"
Introduced in the United States in 2001, the Cone Beam CT (CBCT) is another modality that is becoming more popular within the dental community for TMJ disorder evaluation. It not only allows a shorter scanning time, but, depending on the machine, uses six to 10 times less radiation...
Dentistry and Acupuncture
Imagine a world where diagnosing patients involves observation, tongue diagnosis, and pulse diagnosis as opposed to a dental mirror, an explorer, and radiographs. The Oriental medical model of diagnosis involves the first scenario. In fact, prior to G.V. Black’s model of restoring...
Women and Men Doctors Have Divergent Views on Women and Depression
Women and men doctors have some divergent views about women and depression, according to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Women’s Health Research, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy organization. Women doctors are more likely than their male counterparts to believe...
Diabetes Takes Toll on Sex Life of Many Women
Diabetes can take a toll on a person’s overall health, but amidst all of the possible problems that may arise sexual dysfunction is not often talked about and is more common than most people realize. According to the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, Mass., roughly 35 percent...
"See Jane Lead" — the Dentist's Way — Part B
So, Dr. Jane Smith, it has been a month since we busted the leadership myth and placed the burden of leading your team directly on your shoulders. It’s easy to say I can’t do this; I want to be my team’s friend, or I will leave it to my office manager or husband to lead. But...
Married Couples in Dentistry
For many dentists, discussions with a business partner take place strictly in the office. For others, business matters might be discussed in the office, at the breakfast table, or in the car on the way home from work. That is the daily routine for dentists whose business partners...
Building a Better You column — "Sweating the Small Stuff"
In 1997, Richard Carlson, PhD, published a little book that became a big phenomenon. “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff ... and It’s All Small Stuff” was an instant bestseller, spawning a line of “Don’t Sweat” books that cover everything from motherhood to money matters. I argue with...
Practical Claims and Coding column — "Talking to Patients About Implants"
While more and more dental plans are covering implants, annual plan maximums make the patient primarily responsible. This article focuses on discussing implants and insurance with patients. Here are some examples of common questions and easy-to-understand answers. (Excerpted...
To Buy or Not To Buy ... That Is the Question
At some point in your career, you may need to evaluate your current practice location and make the difficult decision of continuing to rent space or buying your own facility. For some, the decision will come quickly and easily. For most, the decision can be quite difficult and...
Yes, It Can Happen to You: A Claim for Dental Malpractice
In February, the Chicago Tribune ran almost a full-page article titled “Pain of Dental Malpractice,” accompanied by a very large cartoon of a dentist holding a tooth that had just been pulled out of the mouth of a screaming patient. The only words in the cartoon were...
Heated IrriVac™ System by ASI Medical New Aurelia® Luminance™ fully textured latex powder-free glove DENTSPLY Prosthetics new all-ceramics Web site High Q Dental introduces "Ray"
The new Heated IrriVac™ System provides a significant change in method for disinfecting root canals. The all-in-one titanium handpiece dispenses fresh, instantly heated sodium hypochlorite through an irrigation needle, while simultaneously suctioning off spent irrigant and dissolved tissue from the top of the canal. The resulting turbulence decreases contact time needed to disinfect canals, and with better outcomes. An ample supply of solution is provided to the system in a low-pressure regulated 250 ml bottle. For more information, visit www.asimedical.net or call (800) 566-9953.

Aurelia Luminance is specially formulated for dental professionals with an advanced polymer coating technology to provide optimum comfort and added gripping action. The gloves are fully textured for greater tactile sensitivity, even in wet conditions. They are 100% visually inspected for quality and flat-packed piece by piece for easy dispensing and wrinkle-free gloves. For more information, call (877) 287-3542 or visit www.supermax-inc.com.

DENTSPLY Prosthetics, a division of DENTSPLY International, launches its new Web site — www.allceramiccrowns.com. The new site features the all-ceramic crown and bridge product line of Cercon Zirconia. The goal of the site is to provide information on dental zirconia to patients, dentists, and dental laboratories. For more information, call Scott Martinet at (717) 849-4498 or e-mail smartinet@dentsply.com.

Ray is a high-quality, affordable 3-watt LED Portable Headlight System priced at an introductory investment of only $495. Ray combines the brilliance of the 3-watt LED with optics engineered to intensify and deliver a clean white light into the field. Featuring the most current LED technology and tellurium copper to address heat issues associated with most other 3-watt LED headlights, High Q Dental delivers an LED that’s perfect for everything from hygiene to surgery. For more information, visit www.highqdental.com or call (800) 775-3433.

New "scenic relaxation" video Web site DIAGNOdent® Perio Probe The Illustrated Handbook of Clinical Dentistry, 2nd Edition by Lexi-Comp New GentleCLEAN™ Insert is safe on implants
HUG Video Productions creates a new Web site, www.hugvideo.com. The site makes it more convenient to check out the programs and details of the beautiful and calming “scenic relaxation” videos that HUG Video has been providing the dental and medical community since 1996. For more information, visit www.hugvideo.com or call (856) 795-0169.

KaVo® Dental introduces the new perio probe for the DIAGNOdent Classic and pen. The new perio probe detects subgingival calculus for the treatment of periodontal disease. It uses laser fluorescence of subgingival calculus to determine quantification of calculus left behind by standard root planing and scaling, up to 9 mm deep. For more information, call (888) ASK-KAVO (275-5286) or visit www.kavousa.com.

The Illustrated Handbook of Clinical Dentistry, 2nd Edition, by Lexi-Comp, is a unique resource for dental professionals. With this reference, Lexi-Comp has compiled all of the basic principles and procedures of dental practice, providing valuable, comprehensive clinical content in one, easy-to-use manual. Features include 300 full-color photographs, radiographs, illustrations, and sample prescriptions for infections, ulcerations, fluoride, and commonly prescribed medications. Price is $64.95. For more information or to order, visit www.lexi.com/dentistry or call (800) 837-5394.

Parkell, Inc. introduces the GentleCLEAN™ Insert, a new magnetostrictive tip designed for use where conventional ultrasonic inserts would cause damage, such as around implants or restoration margins, as well as pain for patients with sensitive teeth. The easily replaceable tip is fabricated of Ultem™ 1000 polyetherimide resin, which is substantially harder than Delrin or ABS, so it’s tough enough to remove accretions from metal, yet gentle enough to avoid scratching. For more information, call (800) 243-7446 or visit www.parkell.com.

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