June 30, 2008

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Leading Off
Welcome note from the editor
This month, we look at your salary and benefits package and introduce a new financial column that will help you succeed.
History of states' rights still defines independence of the dental health-care industry
Why are there different requirements and duties for dental assistants from state to state? DANB explains in this month's article.
Keeping current and competent: Changes in dental radiography and today's dental assistant
The words "technology" and "change" are synonymous, and it's a great time to be in dental assisting, says ADAA president Kimberly Bland.
Meet Mirna Pacheco, CDA, RDH, this month's spotlighted assistant
Pacheco is an assistant professor in the Dental Assisting Program at the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.
Clinical Knowledge
Protect those hands at work and at play
Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA, says healthy, uncompromised skin is your best protection against germs and virus at work.
Digital radiography ... the more you know, the more the benefits
Bonita Berry, RDA, talks about the benefits of digital radiography in her practice ... and why she would never work anywhere without digital radiography again.
CBCT: A new dimension for dental assistants
Cone beam technology is a hot topic in dentistry. What is it? What does it mean for you and your practice? We have the answers.
It's Your Life
Results of DAD's inaugural salary survey
We asked. Almost 800 of you answered. Find out what your colleagues said about their salaries and benefits.
What's your compensation?
Scott Walloch, CPA, explains why compensation isn't always about money, and what dental assistants should know about the complete compensation package numbers.
Legislative updates from Indiana and Virginia
Big things are going on regarding dental assistants in two states.
Questions about the economy? We ask an expert
DAD Editor Kevin Henry recently spoke with an Ohio University professor about the current state of the economy and how it's affecting all of us.
For the Front Desk Assistant/Office Manager
Coping with a practice transition
Linda Zdanowicz, CDA, CDPMA, shares what she went through when her doctor told her he was selling the practice.
What you need to know about the vaccination controversy
Infection control expert Dr. John Molinari gives his views on vaccinations in this exclusive video interview with DAD editor Kevin Henry.
Four powerful techniques that WILL boost your new patient appointments ... and your profits
Chris Mullins believes everyone in the office is part of the sales team, starting with the front-office assistant who answers the phone when patients or prospective patients call.
Continuing education
An update on the diagnosis and prevention of latex-associated allergic reactions
The widespread use of latex products in barrier infection control products has resulted in an increasing number of allergic reactions in patients and health-care workers. Earn 4 CE credits by taking this course.
Hand hygiene saves lives!
Hand hygiene is one of the most important infection control preventive measures available to reduce the risk of contracting, and/or spreading infectious diseases in the dental office. Earn 4 CE credits by taking this course.
Essential elements of oral care
Oral health gains have been considerable in the last 50 years; however, by adolescence, 68 percent of people have tooth decay and gingivitis is prevalent with 50% of U.S. adults experiencing this around a minimum of three to four teeth. Earn 4 CE credits by taking this course.
BIOSAFE Diabetes Risk Assessment Indigreen Innovations launches QUIKcaps Practicon introduces exclusive dental hygiene poster series Sunstar Butler’s Paste-Free Prophy
Know if your patient is a diabetic before doing any invasive dental procedure. The BIOSAFE Diabetes Risk Assessment test kit is the first FDA-approved diabetic test kit. It is a finger-prick test, lab-accurate, with a patient consent form, which makes it perfect for the dental office. A professional lab report is faxed to the dental office and paper mailed to the patient.

QUIKcaps are versatile plastic barriers that feature an elasticized edge to slip over a wide variety of hard-to-clean equipment. Standard QUIKcaps stretch up to 12 inches in diameter for operatory light handles, headrests, handpiece controls, etc., and large QUIKcaps are specially sized to fit computer keyboards without interfering with any cable arrangements.

Practicon has launched a series of four dental health posters based on the popular book by Dr. Theodore Croll, “The Gross, Disgusting and Totally Cool Mouth Book.” The book features unforgettable, real-life photos that illustrate the importance of good dental hygiene, and the poster series enlarges four of the book’s convincing pages into stand-alone photographs.

Product provides true splatter-free performance during cleaning, with proven low abrasivity. There is no unpleasant grit for the patient or splatter for the dental professional, which makes the experience more comfortable for both patient and clinician.

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