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SST Exclusives
Photomask for wafer fab: A look at the industry's structure
Franklin Kalk from Toppan Photomask offers an in-depth examination of the photomask industry: the threat of new entrants, the bargaining power of suppliers and customers, future products that could replace photomasks, and rivalry among existing lithography firms.
- D2S's Fujimura: Making the "impossible" photomask possible
- Multiple e-beam litho project gains SOKUDO as member
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Diskcon: Samsung talks HDD, optical disk drives
Richard Aguilera and Albert Kim of Samsung Electronics lay out the company's response to consumer demand for high-definition content with new products in optical disk drive (ODD) technology, and rapid growth from 2 to 3 to 4TB HDDs in 2011.
- Toshiba's Kikitsu: Terabit HDD recording with new bit patterning
- Mike Fury blog: Trends and technologies for CMP in hard-disk drives
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Wafer-support tooling for stencil-print coating of thinned wafers
Jeff Schake et al, DEK Printing Machines discuss the flatness characteristics of available wafer pallets, and use them in an experiment with thinned wafers in automated printing.
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Business News and Analysis
Samsung's eight-stack flash shows up in Apple's iPhone 4
Chipworks' Dick James peers into an iPhone teardown to see just how far the industry continues to push current packaging options like wire bonds and ultrathin dies, and what this means for future use of through-silicon vias (TSV).
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ATREG spins off to ride semi market waves
Stephen Rothrock from ATREG talks about his company's spinoff to provide technology manufacturing asset consulting services, how the industry's volatility keeps them in business, and how they'll go after a potential $300B market.
- SEMI: 2010 still rocking, but numbers show a peak
- Samsung chief voices concern over LCD, chip sectors
- TSMC targets 10% annual growth in this decade
- NOR Flash market through 2013: Asia Pacific leads the pack
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SRC's Techcon: Direct graphene CVD on a dielectric substrate
Jeff Kelber from the U. of North Texas summarizes work in "extrinsically doped graphene," growing graphene/boron nitride heterojunctions using CVD and ALD.
- Podcast: UCSB's Wang on a new data mining paradigm
- Podcast: Purdue's Lundstrom on nanotech student research
- Podcast: Cu/low-k extendibility work compares Al, Cu anodes
- Podcast: CMOS, MEMS meld enabled with advanced TSV, flexible interconnects
- Inside the SRC's Techcon research conference
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WaferNEWS Watch: The problem of too much cash
Barclays' CJ Muse thinks it's time semiconductor companies rethink how they return cash to shareholders -- and he's got a way that makes everyone happy. Also: Key takeaways from Deutsche Bank's recent Technology Conference, an update on notebook demand, and mulling Toshiba's profit margins.
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More Headlines:
Proteus Biomed chooses IC test house Integra for new designs
KaiSemi offers FPGA-to-ASIC chip conversion service
Tamar receives TSV wafer measurement tool orders
STATS ChipPAC opens 300mm eWLB fab
ISMI releases calculator to track equipment performance, wafers
Cree opens 150mm LED wafer facility
Arrow Electronics acquires Nu Horizons Electronics
Germany's AMO orders Vistec e-beam system
Former Spansion exec Ajit Manocha joins SVTC board
Renesas uncrates two-chip packaged power MOSFETs
Synopsys: HSpice delivers 7x faster designs
Applied Seals wins top-20 chipmaker order for CVD, etch apps
Asian logic foundry picks Mattson RTP system
Spansion prepping $100M stock sale
Cabot earns Samsung's "Best in Value" supplier award
SMIC kicks off tech symposium in Shanghai
SiTime unveils first kHz frequency silicon MEMS oscillator
Nova installs 200th metrology system in Korea, opening local office

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