PV Times Newsletter | October 15

How PV grid-tie inverters can zap utility power factor
Large grid-tie inverter systems are becoming more prevalent, and export energy credits from feed-in-tariffs help defray the large capital expenditure -- but a sub-par power factor could bring penalty charges from your utility. Gerritt Lee explains the problem and offers a solution.
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Improving PV production efficiency through inkjet printing
Inkjet printing of contacts and bus bars improves production efficiencies -- less damage, fewer defects, and finer linewidths than silver paste, squeegee, or screen printing -- at one-fifth the cost, explains Trident Solar's Steve Liker.
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High-speed ablation of dielectric SiN layers in silicon PV cells
Changing the thickness of a SiN coating layer can allow its use as an efficient anti-reflection coating for the front side of the solar cell. To link between the emitter and frontside or backside contacts, the coating must be opened up. A better approach to SiN removal, writes Jenoptik's Klaus Stolberg, is to select the laser source in such a way that the laser energy is absorbed in the coating directly. (From the September/October 2009 issue of Photovoltaics World magazine)
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Opportunities, risks Italy's PV market
With the introduction of an amended feed-in tariff rule, Italy has succeeded in engendering a huge surge in PV activity -- but there are still a number of potential pitfalls, as explained by Dietmar Zischg and Alessandro Antonioli.
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Reports: TSMC prepping thin-film PV launch
Local reports suggest TSMC is taking steps to "crystallize" (pardon the pun) its solar photovoltaic (PV) plans announced months ago.
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CA renewable energy legislation signed
California state officials have signed new legislation for what they call "a model of federal-state initiative and cooperation" for reviewing and applying funding for renewable energy development, in a push to meet a mandated goal of a third of its energy received via renewable sources by 2020.
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Report: Next German gov't to cut solar subsidies
A "critical review" of government money for renewable energy is on the table, and "the most successful technologies would be the first to see cuts," according to conservative energy expert Michael Fuchs.
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IMEC's Poortmans: Organic PV solar cells more than "niche"
Jef Poortmans, IMEC's program director for photovoltaics, sat down with PV World during the research center's annual media event in Leuven, Belgium to discuss his outlook for organic PV technology.
Air Products, DuPont sign a-Si gases deal in China
Air Products has signed a contract to supply liquid bulk and specialty gases, distribution equipment, and engineering services for DuPont Apollo's amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin-film PV facility in Shenzhen, China.
Startup validates metrology tool at Signet Solar
BrightView Systems says it has successfully integrated and validated its wide-area metrology (WAM) process metrology and mapping system at Signet Solar's thin-film PV production line in Mochau, Germany.
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