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Guest columnist
Dan Kroll

Terrorism vulnerabilities to the water supply and the consumers' right to know
(WaterWorld Online Exclusive) The vulnerability of our water supplies to disruption and contamination by potential terrorist acts has been well documented. Education as to the nature of a potential threat empowers people at risk to take actions to reduce loss...
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Flow monitoring system helps prevent overflow
(WaterWorld) During recent construction in the Knoxville Utilities Board's (KUB) wastewater collection system, a potentially large storm-induced sewer overflow was avoided in downtown Knoxville thanks to a wireless depth monitoring and alarming system that alerted KUB staff, allowing them to take just-in-time corrective actions...
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Ultrasonic flowmeters 'on top of' difficult water jobs
(Water & Wastewater International) Imagine the scenario: You have to measure the flow of liquid through a pipeline, the pipe is over a metre in diameter, you can only get access to the top of it and the only available access is via a narrow pit in the ground. This is exactly the situation encountered by engineers from Katronic Technologies and its customers on a regular basis. Ironically, a solution is simpler than it might seem...

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Security Briefs
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Purer water made possible by Sandia advance
ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- By substituting a single atom in a molecule widely used to purify water, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have created a far more effective decontaminant with a superior shelf life...
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Emprimus provides testimony on threat of electromagnetic attacks
MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Emprimus provided testimony before the Congressional Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, Science and Technology last month about the present vulnerability of the U.S. electric grid and other critical civilian infrastructure to growing intentional electromagnetic threats...
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Longwatch adds Process Historian to video system
NORWOOD, MA -- Longwatch Inc. announced a bi-directional OEM agreement with Canary Labs whereby the Longwatch Video Historian now offers Canary Labs Trend Historian and Trend Link software, which enables users to link video with plant data...
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Water purification system now available commercially
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- A water purification system from Worrell Water Technologies (WWT), originally designed for some of the United States government's most secure facilities, is designed to cleanse a water supply of virtually all known contamination...

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Industry News
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Stockholm Junior Water Prize winner discovers new source of energy: rain
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The Stockholm Junior Water Prize has been awarded to 18-year-old Ceren Burçak Dag, of Nisantasi, Turkey, for her research on harnessing rainwater to produce electricity...
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NRDC: Drinking water, watersheds widely contaminated by pesticide
CHICAGO, IL -- A pesticide known to impact wildlife development and, potentially, human health has contaminated watersheds and drinking water throughout much of the U.S., according to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council...
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San Antonio Water System files suit over contract dispute with LCRA
SAN ANTONIO, TX -- San Antonio Water System (SAWS) filed suit today for breach of contract against the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) in State District Court in Travis County...
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S2C Global enters into water supply discussions regarding Mexico, California
SAN ANTONIO, TX -- S2C Global Systems Inc. has entered into discussions with government officials in Mexico City and the Municipal District of Southern California to supplement their fresh water supply...

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Products & Services
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Differential pressure measurement
The Ashcroft® Type 5503 differential pressure gauge provides reliable low differential pressure measurement in high static, wet-wet pressure applications. Equipped with wetted materials of 316SS, Monel or Hastelloy C, the rugged Type 5503 D/P pressure gauge is specifically designed to monitor a wide variety of caustic liquids and gases.
Ashcroft Inc.

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Water system operations software
The Hach Water Information Management Solution™ (Hach WIMS™) is powerful, scalable water-industry-focused software that easily creates regulatory reports and helps manage water system operations. Its streamlined reporting, user-defined alerts, powerful charting, graphing, modeling and mapping tools provide accurate information for informed decisions.
Hach Company

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On-line TOC analyzer brochure
OI Analytical's new 9210e On-line TOC Analyzer brochure describes a "reagentless" electrochemical oxidation technology. Special boron doped diamond (BDD) electrodes produce hydroxyl radicals, peroxides, and ozone that efficiently oxidize organic compounds for TOC measurement. The 9210e is designed for continuous monitoring of TOC levels in process water streams.
OI Analytical

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Algae monitoring
The FlowCAM® from Fluid Imaging Technologies is an automated imaging-based particle analyzer for detection and measurement of taste and odor algae (including Cyanobacteria) in water supplies. It automatically captures images of each algal cell and stores up to 26 measurements for each cell. Automated pattern recognition technology classifies the cells based upon these measurements.
Fluid Imaging Technologies Inc.
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