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Water Security and Instrumentation Newsletter

From the editors of WaterWorld, Industrial WaterWorld, and Water & Wastewater International

WaterWorld Weekly Newscast: May 24, 2010
Join WaterWorld Digital Media Editor Angela Godwin for a round-up of this week's top water and wastewater stories. Watch the newscast >
This week's headlines:
• Oil spill update
• Nitrate contamination in Cali
• CDC misled DC residents
• Nile agreement makes waves
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Guest Column: Getting Dual Use Value from Water Security Monitoring Systems
In the past, monitoring of operational parameters in the distribution system has been done in a piecemeal and haphazard manner... Read more >
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Guest Column: Security -- The Missing Link to a Resilient Water Supply
Due to the catastrophe that would ensue if our nation's water supply were compromised, security for water distribution networks should be a top priority for all suppliers... Read more >
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Guest Column: Israel's Holistic Approach to Water Security: Protection and Detection
In response to both terrorist acts and increasing natural disasters & contaminations in the nation's water supply, the issue of Water Security has come to the forefront of water utility manager's concerns... Read more >
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Security Briefs
FREE Webcast: Is your utility prepared for the worst?
Now available on demand!
It's easy to become complacent when things are going well, and fortunately major catastrophes affecting water supply and distribution have been somewhat sporadic. But in the midst of an emergency is not the time to put together a preparedness plan. Whether it's a flood, a chemical spill, a major line break, or a terror attack, when it comes responding to a disaster that could affect the health and safety of thousands -- or millions -- of citizens, being proactive is the only course. Watch the archived webcast >
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Wastewater facility in NY to get alternate backup power system from GE
The New York City DEP will purchase three GE 12 cylinder V250 enclosed stationary generator sets from Skanska USA for their wastewater treatment facility in the 26th Ward... Read more >
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Water district deploys wireless mesh network to connect, secure remote utility sites
After exploring and trying alternative solutions for two years, the Otay Water District of Spring Valley in Southern California has selected and deployed a wireless mesh infrastructure solution for connecting its facilities... Read more >
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Water, wastewater utilities get free access to security resources with EPA sponsorship
The U.S. EPA and WaterISAC are offering 12-months of free access to WaterISAC's Pro service to staff of drinking water and wastewater utilities of all sizes, water association employees, state environment and homeland security agencies, and circuit riders... Read more >
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Water & Wastewater Industry News
Water treatment plant survey shows high emissions of nitrous oxide
Nitrous oxide, or N2O, is a greenhouse gas considered by experts to be 300 times more powerful in its atmospheric warming effect than carbon dioxide... Read more >
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NPF launches disaster recovery fund for national parks in Gulf region, beyond
The National Park Foundation has launched the National Parks Disaster Recovery Fund to support the National Park Service's response to the Gulf oil spill, as well as future natural and man-made disasters... Read more >
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Wetland legislation aims to accelerate coastal system restoration
Five local and national conservation groups praised U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) proposal to include aggressive measures in legislation that would accelerate restoration of Louisiana's coastal wetlands... Read more >
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Groundwater used for public supply contains contaminants, USGS study finds
More than 20 percent of untreated water samples from 932 public wells across the nation contained at least one contaminant at levels of potential health concern, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey... Read more >
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Products & Services
Monitoring system
CheckLight's water monitoring system uses non-pathogenic luminous marine bacteria as early-detection sensors. The system provides real-time, online monitoring, and can be expanded by simply adding more monitoring units.
CheckLight Ltd., a Whitewater Group company
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Video surveillance of remote assets
Control Microsystems and Longwatch announced the ability of the SCADA host platform, ClearSCADA, to provide video surveillance of remote processes and assets. Existing industrial networks can conveniently and cost-effectively transmit video images over the SCADA communication infrastructure.
Control Microsystems
Read our white paper on DNP3 communications >
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The waterMONITOR integrates Pressure Systems' submersible KPSI™ Transducers with an embedded, power-saving, datalogging circuit optimized for operation in a wide variety of wireless environments. It offers the highest level of accuracy, stores up to 400,000 scans, and is RoHS compliant.
Pressure Systems Inc.
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Control systems
Revere Control Systems' After Market Services program is a collection of service offerings including routine calibration, preventative maintenance, drive and MCC upgrades, and spare parts management, as well as programming for PLCs, HMIs and SCADA, and custom report design. Also available are a variety of engineering and IT services.
Revere Control Systems
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Water quality monitoring
CityGuard™ is a security network portal and real-time water distribution and source water monitoring and control system that integrates data from water quality monitoring points located throughout a community's distribution system. The system allows utility personnel to view critical real-time water quality data from any Internet browser at any location.
Hach Homeland Security Technologies
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Chloride analyzer
The Thermo Scientific Orion 2117HL High Level Chloride Analyzer is the first online analyzer to address the high level chloride market. Measures chloride in the range of 75 to 1000 parts per million (ppm). Offers industry leading performance and reliable chloride monitoring in real time.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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